The next thing on my nerf list

Bomb PvP

Suggestion: Reduce placement range of bombs. It is way too easy to spam them from afar.


No, shhh, too many words
They will see Explosive Arrow and decide that is the issue…

Rather than being able to place instantly and remotely the explosive jars.

Personally, this one just thinks bombs need a placing animation (that can be interrupted) about as long as the wraps take to use.


Oof with the amount of bombs you need to raid with, an animation sounds extremely painful

Like they did with throwing axes xD

But IMO reducing the placement range would be the best for now, since you will have to stand inside the danger zone for bombing. If you watch PvP streams (from Leeking for example) you will often see how the placement range is abused.

Animations would just make it even more clunky and no one would raid with bombs anymore. I remember when Age of Sorcery came out and the bug existed, where bombs did not do full damage sometimes. It was a pain to raid honeycombed bases.

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This one finds bases to come in two settings, defended, and thus a real fight, or undefended and paper-mache.

Now that God bubbles are conscripted to the past tense, sword is urinating in the corpse of shield which it slew some time ago.

The avatar nerf is a different can of worms.

Bombs be placed at feet would be an ok start
This one still wants an interruptible animation, perhaps not as long as bandaging, but certainly not instant place.
Alternatively, the bombs could stop being ieds and have to be crafted at an alchemy station.


Yes, the 1h sword is pretty trash right now. Maybe the predatory blade can work with roll + left click spam.

2h sword works. Sword of crom is actually pretty good.

Adding an animation would be a huge nerf. But maybe it works if it is 1 second. Would definitely fix so many issues with bomberman playstyle.

Your last suggestion is a bit meh. Beast of Burden exists and you can just put your inventory full with crafted bombs. Though the bomber would have a fat roll. And fat rolls are deadly.

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Beast of Burden is points not spent elsewhere.
Either leaving them less in a stand up fight, or forcing their team to work harder to cover them.

And yes, the animation is something of a nerf, but if we must have an animation for applying bandages, why not have one for setting explosives?

The issue of damage vs repair speed is always a chewy bit.
But rather than fix the raid meta in the “Age of War” so it bears any resemblance to anything in Howard’s works, they’ve improved psychic bomberman. Rather than real siege engines, counter measures, and repair vs destruction rate mechanics, we get a bubble pop and an avatar nerf. As tho those two are in anyway balancing factors rather than the summation on defense and a cherry on top prestige finisher

This one PvPs solo
And between idiot guard thralls and equally intelligent players, this one reliably craters bases.
Which is sad. Problematic even.

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They also need to disable rebuilding when building damage is applied.

With an animation it will be impossible to raid someone when they are online and can just instantly replace foundations.

Repairing is strong as well. Often you do not have the space for bombs to instablow a foundation with 100k HP.


Definitely no easy solutions here.

All suggestions have their caveats.

But it is quite clear that this only became a thing once the distance of bombs was increased.

You only saw “bomb PVP” as a troll move, not as a viable means of eliminating your enemy.

I don’t think anyone thinks this is normal or intended.

Same with Mario Build. Double Jump and Oneshot.

Funcom fixed it. Eventually… Took them only 5 years to realize…


Agreed but goomba stomping required a lot of prep and specific gear sets until the change to builds… it was only a slight problem before and not an entire shift in how PVP was done.

I think we can both agree that these are unintended consequences of decisions that were not thought out. Which is their MO.

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No, All you needed is 1k fiber that you get in 1 minute (Counting the time spend going from bush to bush) and craft “paper” that weights one trillion, then there you go, double jump into someone for a free kit without any kind of counterplay.

And no, you don’t requires any gear because you could buff yourself with pots and appear naked

I think there is promise here. How about people needing to stand still to place a bomb?

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So it make bombs do two things main damage burst of. So 99% in initial blast then does second damage of fire 1 damage but it last for an hour.

Fire damage will not set bombs off and would have hp that only water orbs put it out. But it block some one repair or rebuild if they don’t put out fire first.

But u have carry bomb like you do gold treasure any damage u take while in position will set explosive off.

This makes defending easier but forces players to fight smarter.

You’re right, you could use buffs, if you had them.

But double jumping wasn’t easy like this, not until sorcery.

So not as many people did it.

Thank you for that, best pvp video I have seen! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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i had made a mod for this. And also a decay timer on them and dp. Then blacklisted from anything that could extend/freeze the timer. Made a dp barrel to allow for 5 x decay timer on dragon powder and couldnt be locked. I might update it, been a while since i modded.

edit…also the bombstation was a new bench that showed on map like a T3 Altar. Basically anouncing to server you are a warlike clan.

Isnt that everyone on pvp servers?

You would think …
And yet, this one’s (entirely anecdotal) experience is that most of the people on PvP servers are not.
They are either peaceful, but want to live dangerously, or somewhat cowardly, previously hiding behind bubbles in hard to reach places, only coming out to gather the victims to keep the bubble up.

Then there are those who don’t mind a fight, and will happily break an eyesore base to flinders, but mind their own business most of the time.

There are sometimes “alpha clans”.
They range from thin skinned megalomaniacs with an incessant need to bully to griefer hackers and any mixture thereof.
This one has never had any personal experience with any hegemonic clan on a public server that wasn’t some kind of pile of phallopomorphic feces.
However, it’s entirely possible they exist.

About as often as “alpha clans”, there are hack clans/mercenaries. Those who are just there to cheat to win and the hired goons that facilitate them.
These are minority.

Not really. Alot of offline raiders who call themselves warlike. The markerbwould attract attention, which means theybwould have defend and actually pvp.