It is time to nerf bomb PvP

It’s simply too overpowered. You can run around with explosive arrows and bombs in your inventory, shoot and place bombs in order to quickly kill your opponents. The AoE is too big and the damage too high.

Make it so you are only able to place bombs close to you. This will force you to dodge roll the damage.

Example usage:

i think it’s due to the fact that dragonpowder/tar/jar don’t weight a lot separately, but bombs are already heavy. Maybe increasing the dragonpowder weight to a solid 5/10kg would solve this ?

That or maybe put the craft on artisan benche so it’s not craftable while fighting ?


Those are also good options.

I heard Funcom talking about it in one of their streams. They mentioned something that they want to implement you being able to blow up on hit when you carry bombs.

But bomb PvP is not fun, especially when multiple people to it.

They need to reduce the range it can be planted drastically, melee range only.


yeah, this aswell is needed

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