Funcom, are you trying to actively ruin the PvP servers?

Halving the doors HP from 50.000 to 25.000 and halving the cost of steelfire to produce dragon powder for bombs?


It was already easy enough to farm pvp-breaching materials like explosive jars. Now its twice as easy and twice as easy to blow trough doors. This will ruin the pvp servers as its WAY to easy to blow trough anything!

Please fix before its too late

You made it half as hard to blow doors (50.000 hp to 25.000 hp)


Half as hard to make bombs (50 steelfire to 25 steelfire)

So from 100% difficulty in producing raiding mats and raiding its now 25%. This is so silly i lack the words. I have 800 hours time played, so please give it a listen

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As but if you need doors for your base…

I don’t get the problem. You can’t even place bombs near the walls of pillar bases.

Stack grease orbs then throw a single demon fire and you’ll break into a pillar base in a heartbeat. I believe you can stack 14 grease orbs.

And If I recall they do above 40 damage per tick/per orb and you can perpetuate the fire by throwing an additional grease orb every 20-30 seconds.

Watched a guy burn down a vault doing it.

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No, you can not do it anymore. I tested it recently. It’s gonna be one grease orb that burns for roughly 20 seconds. Does around 1-1.5k damage. Now calculate how many minutes you have to sit in front of your screen with a time stopper to take down 100.000 hp

Fun gamemechanic eh?

Hmm, it’s rather inconsistent now. I got roughly 3k on a foundation as I just tested it but yeah. It’s def changed. Did not know that.

Been a while since i orbed anything since we still just jar and god everything.

Grease is nerfed. But now bombs are rediculesly cheap. This is gonna be the end of pvp servers

Could be, or it may make it more war friendly, as now one could make bombs with a T3 and it still be cheaper than it was before with a T4. means more bombing from anyone, along with the no player name, nerfed doors. Now more attempts at breaking in and taking loot. So i will see how this plays out, as it may not be as bad as i first thought as well.

Thinking this through a little more…
Before changes
Alpha clans were not messed with by the more casual players. Fear of being wiped if they stole even a pet from a poorly built animal pen base.

Clan would use multiple Gods and 1000+Bombs to obliterate ones base. Flexing their muscle (not judging it, just stating a fact).

Now a smaller clan/solo can get 40 bombs, blow into one of the multiple T1 bases the Alpha has lazily built (lazy because they wait for names in event log, then mass produce gods and bombs to wipe the culprit).

For alpha’s it just means they will have to build smarter, and decide who to fight for other reasons than losing hoarded loot.

for smallers, they will have to form bonds with other smaller clans, and hope the uneasy alliances hold true.

We may see more raiding in general (not wiping, but raiding) as a result. which means more chances at melee an actual siege warfare.

Just an opinion looking for a silver lining.

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