Grease orbs currently broken

Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue:**Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US Central

Grease orbs are currently broken and you cannot refresh the stack. I am pretty sure this is a bug as nothing was in the patch notes signifying it. Prior to the patch, you could start a 10 stack of grease and refresh 8 times to pop a tier 3 door…for 80 orbs with of dmg. Currently since you cannot refresh that 18 orbs is now 80 making orbs no longer viable for raids.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Stack the grease
  2. Set it on fire
  3. Toss more grease to try to refresh, it will not.
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I thought someone said on test live that the orbs no longer stack. you cant throw ten then light. it would be no different then throwing one. I never heard anything about it not being allowed to refresh the fire timer tho.

I Herd the same thing bud I think you are SOL. I think I has to do with the changed in vault HPs

well its may be balanced now BUT literally DUMB, grease not ignite on open fire?..what the hell

They are not buged. You can still combine the effects of grease and fire orbs sa well as gas and fire orbs. However, you can no longer sustain a fire by throwing additional grease orbs into it. That was written when it came to testlive. Its a balancing thing. You simple need more fire orbs if you want to do more damage.

What good is the grease orb now then? If it doesn’t add to the timer, what does it do? May as well use gas orb and fire orb now.

Yep its bad desicion, maybe reduce timer with each grease orb? so people anyway must use another demon orb after 3-4 times, but not immidiately, its stupid, this orbs became pointless

I think the intent in looking at it was to push the grease arrows which are a bit cheaper to make than grease orbs. The arrows are a little less than half the tar cost IF they do the same amount of damage. The elephant in the room here is both time and general quality of life. Before I could have that door down in 2 minutes throwing 18 times. Now I have to shoot 15 arrows 5-6 times. So 18 orbs vs 75-90 arrows. Again, the time and effort required to stack and shoot becomes just frustrating as well as doubling or tripling the cost of actually breaking in.

For one door we could say that is okay, but most people have store rooms behind 5-10-15 doors? Is it even worth the hastle? How will a solo player be able to raid or is that intentionally no longer viable? what is your plan here?

maybe if thralls are able to be given a command to target where the player shoots an arrow, a few thrall archers with grease arrows or something could help you save some time? (sorry im new but i rememer seeing something about thrall commands in future) :slight_smile:

Yep, grese orbs don’t stack anymore, and they didn’t care to tell us about it in the release notes.
So what’s the use of orbs at all now?
BugCom couldn’t make a patch without introducing a ton of new bugs.


If not a bug but intended, then its up there with composite obsidian and offline purging for “best way to waste a great game mechanic” award.

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Wow, you all make it sound like grease orbs are the only way you can damage a building. 7 explosive jars would take care of the door and shooting it prevents it from rolling away. I only keep orbs for getting star metal…

you use orbs to take down anti climb fences, where you can’t place explisive jars. this is now impossible, any sky base will be unraidable. and last time I used gods, they didn’t even take down a single foundation… 2x mitra and a yog (yes, i know how do use them).


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