Grease orbs and gaseous orbs dont do any damage when stacked and combined together with demonfire orb

[Enter game mode here: Online official
Type of issue: weapon damage not active at all Server type**: PvP Region: europe

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so wether im on admin in single player or pvp online the demon fire orb does damage alone when combined with the grease or gaseous orb it does the same damage even if you stack multiple grease or gas with the demon fire it just acts as using 1 demonfire orb which makes the other orbs uselsss
*** im not sure to post server name or not but ask me I can if needed

They damage doesn’t stack…anymore. Beenlike that for 8+ months.
Tar will keep fire burning at very low dmg tick per second. It causes a slick effect if not lit. basically character slides if you change direction.
Gas will extinguish fire with a small dmg explosion.

the way to use for as much dmg as possible is
Throw gas orb, then throw demon orb. slightly more damage than demon orb by itself on explosion. Then after @ 20 seconds feed 1 tar. But this is very low dmg per second.
Best to use poison arrows and explosive arrows if you don;t want to use TNT.


yeah arrows are better and many use the same materials to make (gas orbs for poison arrows, tar for explosive, acid arrows use the same demon fire glands). I don’t think many people rely on orbs much now

Other than to lob 2 for the journey step:)

oh I see its all changed then I just started the game and didn’t know ^^ damn ok thanks for the info!


Yeah, i miss the original days of taking down a vault with grease orbs. 600,000 HP (old school number) Vault, counting 20 seconds to keep stack of grease ticks burning the flames of war, all while full out melee going on around you between the defending enemy and your fellow clan during raids.

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