Put orb effect stacking back in


Why did you remove the ability to stack orb effects. The new arrows are completely useless for raiding when you can’t stack orb effects. The new explosive arrow was supposed to help you raid previously unraidable builds like when people would build in the top of pagodas where there’s no place to stand or place explosives and its too high to throw an orb. But now that you’ve removed the ability to stack grease fire or gas explosions, those tools are completely and utterly useless. If you wanted to balance grease orbs you should have just increased their cost along with tar arrows. Also the explosive arrows should be renamed to demon-fire arrows because that’s all they are, is just a demon fire orb on an arrow. They’re balanced for pvp fights but not for raiding. Im alright with not having an explosive jar on an arrow, but you have to re-introduce grease and gas orb effect stacking for them to have ANY use raiding t3 buildings. It will literally take you 30[s] *(100k/2.5k) to burn a t3 foundation. That’s 30[s] *40 = 20 minutes, to burn one t3 foundation, which is impossible to pull of in a raid scenario when they can sit up in their pagoda base and just repair ever 15 minutes.

Either that, or make sure there are back doors and roof introduces into any possible pagoda build. The current invincible ones are East of Avenue of the Sun and the one to the entrance of the mire of eternal dreams.



Making volatile glands easier to get would be nice also. Red imps are few and far between and the salamanders almost never drop them any more.
And, as far as I know, nothing else drops the glands.


You can get glands and demonfire orbs as thrall drops. And now explosive arrows are basically a demon-fire orb on an arrow.

Also using higher quality tools when harvesting salamanders gives more. They should add them to dragon drops as well imo.


AGREE! its just looks awfull…grease not ignite at open fire? jesus…
do whatever you want - increase cost, reduce time of burning, but really, its very dull balance decision
btw…i never see people use grease orbs to storm t2\t3 buildings…its useless unless you got hundreds of them (btw they are heavy too carry on)…high level players use trebushes, avatars and jars - even this make raids costly AF (and in return you may get \100 of that)

im talk about moderate and big ones (bases) not those with 1 door - who want to raid them anyway? :slight_smile:


Why not talk about the underlying issue with raiding?

I will do a wild guess.
90% of raids on official servers are performed while the owner isnt online.

Why is that?
Because it’s easy to defend against raids if you built wisely - and stay calm. Way easier and way cheaper to defend. Of course people dont want to waste their time they spent grinding those jars…

As for orbs and them stacking (and thus being used for t3 raiding):
The orbs were intended as kind of t1 raiding; which is what they now are. That is perfectly fine!

You said it’s 2,5k damage being dealt per orb, correct?
Now why do bombs only cause 5k damage each? (That is, if they still do that low damage…)
This was the #1 reason to go for orbs instead of bombs…

So for a huge grind you can do the same you can do can just do with 2 orbs. Okay 3, if counting the ignition…

Uhm, what was a bomb with t4 alchemist again?
50 steelfire, 25 crystals, 5 brimstone and 1 demonblood for the cost of 3 orbs.
2 tar orbs and 1 fire orb cost on t4 alchemist:
3 water orbs (=3 ichor, 3 waterfilled flask (=18 crystals+watersource)), 4 tar and 2 volatile glands.

And both deal the same damage.

And to have more fun:
A single foundation (black ice) costs 5 black ice, 4 insulated wood and 3 steel reinforcements.
Steel can be a free drop in north while black ice is free to take in masses at the frost temple.
And the wood? Thats 4 dried wood, 4 resin and 4 oil. (I think a single dead and a single alive northern tree will suffice for that amount.)
Hopefully I dont have to tell anyone how easy it can be to obtain oil…

So now I wonder where the underlying issue lies?
I guess I will leave that to your imagination…

Compare costs and investment of time.
5 black ice, 3 steel, 4 dried wood, 4 resin and 4 oil
vs eighter 41 ichor, 246 crystals, 2 volatile glands, 80 tar (and 20 minutes)
OR 1000 steelfire, 500 crystals, 100 brimstone and 20 demonblood.

While I like the thought of raids being about which party coming with the higher number of resources, I think for that to apply, they need to be on par. As I tried showing above, explosive jars are way too weak, which causes offlineraids to be the default way of “raiding”. (Since a new foundation can just replace the one which just got broken…)
And the same applied to stacking orbs. Orbs are fine in comparision to foundations. Of course they’ve been used for raiding…

Oh, just by the way:
Instead of increasing the costs of buildings, I would just eighter lower the cost for explosive jars down to maybe 1/3 OR just multiply the current damage of explosive jars by 3 to 5.

And dont waste your time telling me or anyone else how easy it is to grind a few bombs. That is not my point. My point is the difference of grinding 20 bombs compared to a single foundation.

Oh, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong at some point. :slight_smile:


the problem in your equation is 1 foundation.
it takes 16-17 bombs to break 1 found.
but that found could be holding up a section of base with chests, stations, anti climb etc. not disagreeing, just making sure real scenario numbers are used.


I’ve noticed quality of tools means nothing on salamanders anymore.

Way back when, I could do a run in the jungle with a star metal or black ice pick and get hundreds of volatile glands. Now I’m lucky to get 50.

For the hell of it, I decided to do a run using iron tools and got pretty much the same as what I got from black ice or star metal.

Volatile gland drop rate was nerfed into the ground.


Funcom did mess up with this thing a lot this time. Orbs have been the only way to raid some kind of Bases. I don’t understand why this was neccessary, you already nerfed volatile gland spawn rate a lot.

If this anti orbs stacking change is permanent then undo the volatile nerf and make the orbs much much lighter in weight.


has any1 checked if player still can “combine orb journey step” ?
Wich could be a related problem now?

I just logged out but will check later eventually.


which thrall do drop demon fire orbs? I’m pretty certain only water, tar and gasorbs can be dropped from thralls or found in chests


why do you use black ice/starmetal picks in the first place?


Why wouldn’t you?


because obsidian an acheronian picks are better


From my last week experience, it does make a difference. With stone tools i could only get 1 and rarely 2 glands per drop, and now that i have a an “enchanted” iron tool i can get 5 glands at once. But RNG is still involved in that matter, that’s why even with your best tool you can still get 1 gland per drop, but the maximum amount you can get is increasing with the quality of your tool/ upgrade kit.


Is it? Obsidian yes, but Acheronian - doesn’t the lower durability make it inferior, at least for some types of harvesting? That’s a question, not a claim - I am not at all sure!

Let’s assume the best toolkit and using Master Repair Kits (3 hardened steel @ T4), because that at least is a no-brainer.


It’s “nice” that you have to farm for a few days even for just 100 orbs in this game bcz realistically every1 is going to farm for 2-3 days on a server and ofx no one else will come to farm too right? Very fricking balanced funcom. Ffs they never balance stuff only taking actions against instead of for the game. Honestly breaking more than saving at this point. Please balance your siege properly as you promised and stop nerfing stuff such as vaults this is just pathetic at this point. “Complete revamps” they said and still not happend.


until the last update acheronian had the same durability as obsidian which was totally fine.

I never used repairkits for tools, I always just repair them with hardened steel, hardened steel really isn’t a problem, you can get it anywhere at every time, just have your smelters doing their job.

I do not consider repaircost, the higher amount of stuff you get with better tools makes up for it anyways, and the highest harvest rates you can get are with acheronian/obsidian.

Can you repair starmetal/obsidianstuff with those kits?


Yes I believe you can, anything short of legendaries


Thanks, I should switch back to obsidian then


unless you can’t repair 0hp tools with them just lile you can’t 0hp legendaries with them -.-