Orbs (fire, gas, grease) missing from chests

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Ger]

Private Server, no mods

All Orbs missing after Patch

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have chests full of Orbs (demonfire, gaseous, grease)
  2. Login after new Patch
  3. All gone
  4. cry
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They literally just stole months, maybe years of collective playtime from their players across all servers.

Thx PvP players. Well done.


@ Halcyon all stuff was created the valid way. As we planned a big attack, we lost a lot of work

I cant find the topic probably cause im going mad XD but theres a post by tascha, which you cant reply, just throwing a sentence about orbs, saying they are gone due to dupe.

Are they calling all of us dupers? Mines were 90% legit farmed from loot (didnt even craft a single one yet) and 10% legit traded, dont think even those were duped (pve server) and everybody in my server, including lvl 20 noobs which had less than 5, have them gone


“Regarding missing orbs: That was an intended fix to address a duping exploit.”

I want to know , from FUNCOM, if they mean:

we removed everybodies orbs, because there was a dupe exploit and we couldn’t distinguish legit or duped orbs



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Sooo everybody is lying, even those of us who play PvE and stockpile orbs without almost knowing what to do with them until endgame, eh?

All these people saying they honestly had legit orbs, are lying, huh? I didn’t even have more than 2 stacks of gas / tar / water and 2 or 3 demon fire orbs, which I didnt use yet not even to unlock the journal entry (and im not 60 yet), makes sense eh? Typical duper behaviour right?

Wow wait, people is now reporting the ORBS DISAPPPEAR WHEN CRAFTED. DAMN DUPERS EHH??

hope we can get the orbs back. Otherwise it is not recommended to have a high stock of anything. Trollpatch can destroy everything :frowning:

I answered you in another thread but I will answer here as well (please don’t double post, we will answer as soon as we can :))

There is no way to distinguish between a duped or a normally crafted orb so in order to make sure the exploiters wouldn’t be able to have any advantage after we fixed the issue, we had to remove all orbs to level the playing field.


This sets a dark precedence…
Because this isn’t going to be the last time that dupes are gonna happen.

Will the majority lose things everytime some minority is duping items?

But then, this is one step up from a complete wipe.


bad decision, we get punished for others maybe cheating

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Hi Tascha Thx for the answer.

I play now to conan exiles for nearly one year. But I think there is a problem there.
In the past I accepted everything = loosing hundred of hours of gameplays with some update that make you restart from scratch. But in the past it was a game in Beta. Now the Game is in in full release…. so you cannot do this kind of stuffs; like removing all legits orbs… mine were legits and it took me time to do.

So there is really a very bad decision here; and it will deeply harm conan Community. I mean Don’t release a game if it’s not finish…
Thanks for sharing this point of view of one of your costumer to your team.


Confirmed, all orbs gone.

Playing on a private PVE server, default settings, no mods.

Ok thanks for answer, at least I know it was a salomonic decision and not dealing with all of us as if we had duped or anything.

Still I find it a horrible solution, as I play official pve and the duping doesn’t affect us very much, but since we don’t really know if it was possible to make a better fix that would only have affected the dupers or pvp servers, we will have to deal with it.

Not that Im gonna quit the game, not but the imperial dlc, or keep admiting you still are great at fixing things (like the weapon racks which helped me forget lil bit I had been robbed many of my hours due to bad q&a on your part xD).

Also, very much this. Early access = suck it up guys, its beta, you helping with feedback! Released game = oh sorry looks like despite it’s not us who duped, we should probably have found and fixed that issue before releasing the “finished product”.

My partner and I are orb traders. That’s what we do. If we steal them, or craft them, or loot them, we deal in orbs.

This is like the federal reserve saying “we have detected counterfeiting, so we will therefore confiscate everyone’s money!” Except that unlike debt notes, orbs are useful in-game currency, and it actually did just happen.

Yep all orbs on our official pvp server gone. Funcom just wasted the majority of every pvp players playtime since launch because they leave exploits for too long and then rush fixing them rather than working on the fix as soon as the exploit is in their attention.
I sometimes think that the devs designs the game for pve players and added pvp into it and never understood how pvp works.
Again the exploiters win because they will continue finding new exploits while legit players get their hard work removed at the cost of the exploiters.
So long as they can drink beer on stream i guess thats all that matters.

Wiping hours and hours and hours of peoples work since launch because you uys cant make a stable game and fix exploits when they are announced by players is not a level playing field.
Are you new to pvp games? You know yourself that the exploiters will find more exploits and use the ones you have not fixed. While fair legit players get punished for it.
What you have done today is show that if you are a legit player you may as well quit because all your hard work can be wiped without any warning because “exploited did this so we punish you all”
I had hoped you guys learned something during early access but it seems not.
Id like to see the next live stream you guys do when you talk about the player numbers, like you did last time. Because im sure as hell after today it will have dropped a tonne.
Ahhh thats correct you guys canceled todays stream too. Guess theres not enough beer to drink on live stream to deal with the backlash of angry people who you have just wasted their time since launch, grats.

They even reset stats and wiped orbs on single player games lolz. Good thing I can just admin spawn them back. A few more weeks of exploit fixing and maybe it will be safe to return to a server. You just gotta roll with the punches fellow barbarians. Keep the fixes coming! Conan and Funcom rocks!!

Well there is but you guys didnt obviously have the technical experience for it.
If every item had its own item id then you could easily distinguish the duped items. You know like many other games have every item with a separate id.
But well you know that back in early access when people duped explosives, vaults, weapons, armours, buildings… Never occurred to anyone back then to item id everything? too costly? lack of experience? dont care??
Oh of course paid dlc coming soon. Ill guarentee when its released there will be exploits with it.

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