Server #1141 Disappearance of all our orbs

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Hello, after the update of June 15, 2018, we find completely empty our 4 chests that were filled with orbs of fire, gas, tar and water. The chests are still empty! This is the second time, the first time we had already lost 6 archi priest and many orbs! This time the chests were gone too.We still have to continue playing despite our frustration by saying that it probably would not happen.But now we are really tired of this situation, it represents a lot of farm hours and we would like an explanation and get all this. What good to play on this game to find all our work gone? I specify that no one has returned to our database which is totally closed. What is happening on this server?

Olympia clan

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Some people duped them so they removed everyone’s orbs.

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