Reoccurring chest disappearance and armor gone after patch. please halp

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: American playing europeanserver

Disappearing chests, i’ve placed down 7 chests so far and they are just disappearing, i’ve lost a chest full of demon fire and explosives, a chest full of my legendary equipment, and 5 empty chests, i don’t know what to do if i can’t store any items and after the recent patch i can’t keep my items on my character anymore because i’ll just die when i’m logged out; and my armor and radial menu is wiped clean after recent patch when i logged in for the first time (but my inventory still had my items so it’s not like i died )

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Placed down varying amount of chests on 3 different occasions.
2.filled some of them with items the first 2 times but not the 3rd to test consistency.
3.After 12:00 am central time, server #3221 usually kicks me and several others out for a few minutes.
4.the next day the chests just disappear, they aren’t invisible I’ve tried interacting with the areas they were placed to no avail.

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