Items disappearing since latest patch

Game mode: online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: europe/ Belgium

Since latest patch 1.40 all the items i wear keep disappearing when logging out allso stuff that is placed in workbenches randomly disappears when logging out. It does not matter if it was made or got from a drop. I play on official servers. Mostly on pvp servers. But it happens on any of them. Allso items from the item wheel disappear randomly.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Just watch

No, relog didn’t help!

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Thanks for uploading the video.

Hey @Vandamage

Could you check your event log to see if there’s something in there regarding the items that are disappearing?

I have completely checked my event logs as requested. Anything that got taken/stolen or decayed is in the logs. Everything that i keep losing from inventory or the item wheel does NOT! Show up in the event logs at all. So it disappears with no trace or indication what happened to it.
Hope this helps.

Hey @Vandamage

Just in case, could you try the following to see if it’s another issue we got some rare reports in the past?
Once one of those items disappear, could you try to open a container and select the “Give All” option? That’ll deposit the whole contents of your inventory in there, so make sure first to have enough space in that container to keep all your belongings inside otherwise this check would not be useful. Once you give all, is the missing item in there?
Thanks in advance.

This also happens to me. Random items in inventory and on drop disappear

Hello Everyone,
I am having this issue since the sorcery update. entire chests with hundreds of items disappear, plus I can’t use any special arrows anymore, specifically poison arrows and explosive, light and healing.
How do I open a ticket for these issues?

You need to go to Zendesk information on introduction pages.

Thanks, hopefully that works