Items Disappearing in loot bags, storage, and inventory

Game mode: [Online | Official PVE]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [North America United States]

My clan-mate and I are noticing items disappearing when we drop them or put them in storage or pick them up. One of us is in the States and one is in Canada on an official PVE server. For instance, my buddy was trying to drop me some ice, but when he did, the loot bag I saw was empty and so was his and we couldn’t loot it because nothing was inside. Later we saw the ice had decayed in our event log. When my mate died, and I was trying to drop him armor, the same situation happened. He only received 1 piece of it even though I dropped all 5. So we lost 4/5 pieces. It’s really frustrating. When items disappear in your inventory, re-logging usually makes them show up but not always.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play for a bit
  2. Drop items
  3. Check the bag
  4. It is sometimes missing items or empty
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This has been happening on Xbox too.

I’ve noticed that it seems more likely for this to happen if you are in someone’s land claim.

If you remove your bracelet, the items will usually show back in your inventory.


It is a really old bug.
Always pick all stuff up (even if lootbag seems empty, if its there it means it has something in)… And then just remove ur bracelet and re pick ur body… all things will be visible again

This bug have been in the game for a loong time now.
When some on, ore you put some thing at the ground. And for som reason you have tu pick it up agen. It wil bug ut :roll_eyes: but you can pick it up. (you wil not se it in ur inventar) if you relog it wil be there.


Hello @Urusovite, we’re aware of this issue and it’s being looked into by the developers, thank you taking the time to share this information with us in any case.


Dang? :grin:

I meant that as in dang it’s an old bug. Appreciate the work around advice!

Ahaha yeah its ok… To check if u have the bug there r two ways … 1st check ur weight and 2nd, short ur inv by name,then double click on the item u wish to pick up… If it refuses to stay in, its time to remove bracelet!!!

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