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I went to Fingerfang Rock (Mountaineer npc) and dropped a lot of items on the ground in case i died while climbing. I dropped a full set of silent legion armor, the heart of the kinslayer, a grit warpaint, a sandstorm mask plus some food and water flask. The pack of my stuff was near to the bedroll (again, in case i die) but i turned around to start climbing and immediately looked back to the bedroll, and everything apart from the bedrolls disappeared for no reason.
Server 3066 pve.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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This is not a bug, it’s working as it should. Everything what you drop on the bottom will disappear after some time. Next time use a wooden box and put your items in there. :slight_smile:

After some times, not few seconds …
Already tried this, and everything was there after several minutes.
And anyway i wouldn’t be doing this, if corpses stay where they should after death …

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Oh okay, i thought it was after some time. Sorry about that.

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Is there hope i get everything back then or i have to buld/drop everything again ?

Did you lose your stuff on a official Server? If so the chances to get your stuff back are 0. If it was on a private server you can ask an admin to restore it. Maybe he will do that.

Official as far as i know…

Are you sure? is it a server like that for example: Official server #1069 PvP - ?

Official server #3066 PvE g portal com

Ok, your stuff is gone :frowning: sorry about that.

Had all the materials back at base, already built everything again or close to that, but allow me to complain it is far too easy to lose gear :frowning:

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yepp that’s why i never drop stuff on the bottom except for trade with another player. As far as i know so much items in that bag should stay for about 10 mins before they disappear.

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Sometimes its only one minute tho

Sometimes you may lose your inventory unpredictably, unfairly and treacherously because of some technical problem, gogreat01. In my case, the game froze at random times, among other problems. If you’ve never been affected by it, I’m happy for you.

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