Logged in and my inventory was wiped

Game mode: singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

I play by myself because my internet isn’t good enough to play online and after playing a different game for a little bit I got on conan exiles, and my character was standing by my bed and his inventory was wiped. I hadn’t died before I got on and I had full health in my house. I live in the woods near the small black hand camp and the 2 dafari camps in the middle of square I4 on the map. Other bugs like the body dissapearing on death glitch have happened before but I just got over that and tried to keep playing but if I cant even ensure my things are safe when I log off then i cant think of a reason to keep playing and trying to progress. This game is fun to play and I think the community would have been fine if you would have taken another year or 2 to iron out the bugs and have a ready to play game instead of this buggy thing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log out
2.log back in

Hello @kahar205, welcome to the forums!

It’s unfortunate that you stumbled upon such issue, we usually recommend players to deposit their inventories in a container before logging out or exiting the game in order to prevent any potential item loss due to death while being offline or issues when logging in / out.

Do you recall the exact spot where you had logged out, and could you share a screenshot of it with us as it could help us determine what happened?

I dont know how to get a screenshot onto here, but I was standing in the middle of the first floor on my 4x4x9 house. I know closing the app before exiting the world can cause problems so dont do that(and I didnt). But also I have heard other things about chests and buildings going missing too so I dont know that putting my items in chests is a really full-proof plan either. Please work on this bug it is a major one. At least with some of the other ones you can prevent, like the items dissapearing on death, just play it safe and dont die.


PvE on Official #3731 (N Am)
I was AFK for 8 days on a retreat with no phone or internet and returned last night. Did a quick run around to my bases, repairing meteor damage at my northern fort. Then I logged out at my main base after touching my bed to assign spawn just in case. I had died a couple times killing the King Rocknose boss but recovered all my gear & reassigned most to slots.
Today when I logged in I had NO inventory. So I’ve lost The Festering One axe, Love Tap truncheon and an awesome unlimited torch, all legendary items which will be hard to find again plus difficult items to make like the Bindings of the Dead. So, yes, I am rather annoyed at this silly issue irritating me once more after months with NO problems.
This has happened to me the odd time in the past but had not been an issue for MONTHS (when I did bother to stow my gear I always left a couple insignificant items in my inventory to know if I’d lost anything). So I just stopped doing the ‘recommended’ action of stowing all my goodies every time I logged out. Sure, I empty my pockets & get undressed when I go to bed in my real world, but I also don’t have sabretooth tigers guarding my front door nor scantily clad women dancing about my bedroom either.
To come back eagerly anticipating some awesome game play this week only to be stripped of many of the tools that have made the last few months of gameplay so enjoyable is a true bummer.

The questions I now have are:

  1. Has the frequency of lost inventory on log in become more frequent lately (after last patch of patch, etc.)?
  2. Will there ever be a stable fix or will we always have to waste time & the end of a long sojourn storing our gear?

@kahar205 did you notice if you had any messages on the Event Log, and did the wipe include equipped items or just inventory?

@Catspaw please open a new topic, although it might seem similar the OP’s issue yours occurred in an Online Session, which has different implications from the Single Player client. Thank you for understanding.

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