Items all gone when logging in

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [America]

PS4 3726 PVE server

I logged off in my 2nd base, with full health, full drink, full food bars (and a very full hard fought for inventory).

Logged back in within a minute to check because I had heard about this exact bug. Everything was fine and still on me. Didn’t even move from the spot and logged back out within less than 30 seconds and still had full health, drink and food meters with no agro either and of course within my shelter.

Logged back in about 9 hours later to being naked in the desert with no items or corpse marker on the map. I then quickly died on purpose and went to bedroll as that is where I had originally logged off at and there was still no body/bag to recover items or the corpse marker for that matter.

BTW it also gave me the “discovered the broken highway” after logging into the desert, when I’ve had that on this character since launch day…

I also have full regen and can safely run around naked anywhere without dying so that is also not the issue here.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log off safely in shelter
  2. Log back in

Did you log out in the frozen north? Our characters now take cold damage while logged off which kills them. It’s happened to a few of us unfortunately, including myself.

Takes about 10 minutes to kill them which explains why there was no corpse as your corpse doesn’t last for 9 hours.

If you build a hearth and log out next to it your character will still be alive where you left them. Might be an idea to place all your items into a loot box though just to be safe

Yes, but like I said, my regen is maxed and I am fine even naked there so why would it kill you when logged off? That’s ridiculous.

I also made a cupboard and that with its contents disappeared too. I placed it on the ground though so maybe that is why?

I also have full regen and also can run around naked without dying but as soon as you log off that regen doesn’t work and you will die. I tested it a lot of times.

Build the hearth and log out and you will notice the difference.

I’m not sure about the disappearing cupboard although I have heard about structures like maps, crafting stations etc will disappear sometimes if they are not built on a foundation, so build the cupboard next time in your building rather than on the ground and it might help