Ps4 log in with all gear lost repeatedly

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug

I have become less attached to my equipment as I have lost so much just not being able to recover it from my corpse, even knowing it spawns later or with the kill yourself a few times and it will show. But this new bug has topped it. I am logging off safely in my cabin and logging on the next morning in the desert with nothing and no body to loot. It’s so frequent now after losing tools and armour I basically run around my northern base naked putting away tools frequently. But forgot last night and lost everything again… this bug has made it unplayable for me as this game is dependent on time, and time is being taken away with my efforts being taken… I love this game as I did AOC but this is too much… please help

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Are u in the Frost region? If so There is a Guy with the same issue and Found a solution for It. Dying from cold because the bodies stay in the game now in pvp, even logging out. Create some torchs to generate heat.

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Oh yeah ? I’ve got a fire place and the whole cabin is insulated … but might try that why not

I’m in pve … will update… after I make all that stuff again …thanks though

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Yeah sadly our character is now taking frozen damage while logged out. I built a hearth this time and logged out right next to it. Logged back in 10 hours later and my character was still alive so give that a try.

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