Lost lot of gear so far

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: NA

So far it’s only happened a couple of times but those couple times have caused alot of good loot to vanish on me. But randomly after nightly sever reset when I’m long asleep and logged off, my character stands up and then slowly runs out of water and food causing me to die when I’m not actually online at all and I cant collect the items, I’ve lost multiple sets of good armor cause of this glitch.

Picture to show when I last was on and items I had dropped vanished, and then how long after my character died while “offline”.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log out
  2. Server resets
  3. Log in and not have any items and be by my bed
  4. Check event log, to see all my stuff has been lost due to dieing while offline.

It’s not abnormal to find your character dead when logging into the server. Your body remains in the sever even when you are offline. Food and water are not the usual suspects but it can happen. Other things that can kill you are sandstorms, NPC’s or harsh temperatures.

I am religious about taking off all my gear and storing it away when I log off. Then if I do die to whatever reason my gear is not lost.

Also it’s best to leave the server by quitting to the main menu. You should never close the application because your character can remain animated or standing.

Hope this helps you not lose any more gear.


I’ve been playing since release, this isn’t a normal thing to happen, your character will stand up, and die due to running out of food,water, or temperature, it’s only random and doesnt always happen, where as if it was a feature like your making it seem then I should be worrying all the time about diein of hunger from not logging in. But, when your logged out, your character becomes immune to losing food and water and temperature, cause it would be a little silly to have to log in every few hours to make sure my guy doesnt die of hunger, and isn’t chilly, and I’m also religiously making sure all my clan makes dont just close app cause your guy remains connected to server for up to an hour if you dont exit to main menu.

i got it a week b4 it was free and never had this happen. ive played all kindsa servers too. 8/

I’m afraid that’s not correct. Your logged out character is definitely not immune to the temperature effects. Worse, it loses the temperature protection of your armor when you log off. So if you’re logging out with a cold-resistant armor in an area where you would normally get “Extremely Cold” or “Frostbite” debuff, you will die.

Another thing to check is whether you’re logging out near a window on a PVE-C or PVP server. If so, someone might be sniping you with poison arrows.

The problem here Is that this only JUST started happening after this update, I’ve literally been playing since day of release, it’s never happened up until now, I cant log out regardless of where I’m at because I’ll die, it makes my bases useless as I’m all up north, so if your correct, I’ll die every night, and so should every other person that’s up north, and not only at server reset time, this should happen over and over through the night, and since it doesnt, and ONLY occurs when server resets and comes back on causing he game to register my character as active I’m going to continue to assume it’s a bug and not an Intended feature. Because I’m not the only one logging out in this location, my clan generally wears most of the same gear during raid hours, so we ALL should die last night as we logged off right after we finished a raid, but only one of us will randomly die, happened to me last night, and 3 of my clan mates were all next to me logged out in the same exact armor, but only I died and lost my stuff AGAIN. I can deal with most glitches, as I said I’ve been playing since release, and own both season passes, but dieing when I’m not online and cant prevent it is starting to get annoying. Looks like I will be stripping down, depositing everything and laying in front of a fireplace at night from now on.

You can die while logged out on a official server. Don’t understand why you are only experiencing this now. I recommend doing as Wak4863 says and stow your gear before logging out. Good Luck.

I’m aware I can die via someone killing me. I’m not being killed. I’m dieing due to temperature while in my black ice base in the north. And ONLY I am read my above comment. It’s not an intended thing otherwise EVERYONE would be dieing CONSTANTLY at night.

@Hugo am I suppose to be diein due to temperature effects at night after server reset while inside my base.

I’ve been reading the forums daily for almost a year and I can tell you it is something that happens to people regularly. Especially if the have the fireplace built in there base to keep them cozy. Do you have a fireplace?

All I can do is tell you what I’ve done from experience and that is to put things in a chest when logging out.

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Your screenshot doesn’t show the actual cause of death.

Dying of temperature change in base is normal, especially if you log off too close to / above / under cooking or furnace area.

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I have 0 fireplaces in the base I’m in, I’m In cold gear, in my black Ice base, way in the north, its only when the sever comes back on, it doesnt happen at any other time, I’ve literally watched one of my clan mates stand up while offline, then slowly die cause they couldn’t do anything. Pretty sure that’s not an intended feature. Or again, we would all be dieing, every single night, over and over and over. And I’ll state it again I’ve been playing since this game has come out, built bases all over the map, have logged out with just about every type of armor on at this point and it’s never happened until now. And no I’m not in a new location I haven’t built in before. If it’s an intended mechanic then it only JUST started working on this server I’ve been on for 5 months now. Or again, it’s a bug.

OK. Got it. You’ve been playing for a long time. You want to know why this is happening. You believe it is new since the update. You are in the north, in a black ice base, in cold gear. You have died “a couple of times” and lost gear, presumably every time. You think it’s a bug.

It’s not a bug. It’s been going on since the beginning of the game. Why it’s just started happening is probably due to something else.

If you quit the server, and you DON’T LOG OUT, your character will die of thirst or hunger. If you use the sleep emote, and you DON’T LOG OUT of the game, your character will die. The sleep emote doesn’t actually do anything. The fact that your clan mates stood up and died indicates that they did use the sleep emote, thinking it worked that way.

Cold gear in a black ice base means nothing if you are not in the game. As you stated, you have zero furnaces, so you are probably freezing to death if you aren’t starving or dying of thirst.

Lastly, @Wak4863 gave you the solution to the issue. I myself take all of my gear off and store it before I actually log out of the game. Instead of heeding his excellent advice, you are choosing to argue and state the same things over and over.

The bottom line is, take your armor and weapons and store them before you actually log off, and do use the log off server option. Otherwise, keep dying, arguing the same point while ignoring advice, and wondering why you’re losing your stuff, because that has worked well so far.


My response certainly isn’t official in any capacity. Someone from Funcom will confirm if it’s a bug or not.

My point is in the mean time it’s best to store items when logging off. Just trying to give you a work around to the issue your facing.


Like other’s have said, the game has been applying temperature effects to logged off characters for a long while now. It’s not something people are saying because you’ve been playing longer than they have. If it’s really important to establish these creds, I have played the game in Early Access, then stopped after a while until the release, and I’ve been playing it regularly ever since the release. And I can tell you, this has been happening for a long while. I can’t tell you exactly when, because I don’t remember how long ago I moved to the official 1823, but it has been months now and this has been in the game at least that long.

That said, I understand both the frustration and the curiosity, especially because it feels like it’s something that should be happening consistently. The most important steps to take are:

  1. Report it to Funcom as a bug – which you did – so they can investigate.
  2. Work to narrow down the possible cause. Does it only happen when you log off near a window? Is your whole base equally cold or are there areas that are colder? Does it only happen right after the server reboot? Does it only happen when you quit straight from the game instead of exiting to main menu first? You’re doing this already, so keep doing it because it helps everyone, including Funcom.
  3. Store all your important stuff inside a chest before you log off, because if you don’t, it’ll be just as lost whether it’s a bug or not. If it’s a bug, you can stop doing it after the bug is fixed. If it’s not a bug, you can stop doing it after you find out what was causing it.

One other important thing to note is that all of us are trying to help. We have different attitudes when we try, but if we didn’t want to help, we would just ignore your post and go do something more interesting. So when people tell you “hey, temperature effects apply to logged off characters and the armor protection doesn’t apply”, they’re not being dicks, they’re trying to help you do the step #2 that I described above :wink:


I’m trying to talk and discuss what’s happening but instead of bothering to read they are saying the same thing over and over, if that’s all they are going to comment is the same thing, why bother when I am literally telling them something contradictory to what they are saying, sure help, but when someone Is telling you they are doing everything they are being told, yet still dieing dont bother saying well maybe try that thing I mentioned that you already tried and did nothing. It’s just an annoyance. Come up with something new to try or move on and be like sorry not sure what’s up, guess we have to wait. I’ve stated I’ve tried what they asked, and everything else I tried, If they dont like the fact I am Commenting back telling g them it’s not working and that they arent reading what I’m saying correctly they should t comment in the first place.


I died ~6months ago to the same thing. I only died ONCE, since I learn from errors and dont repeat them all over again…
Since then I put all my gear in a chest. I made an own chest only for that. Its not that hard and needs ~10seconds.

My clan-mates NEVER died during the same time!! (4 other people)

And having shelter or not often changes if you crouch or lay down. So you may have full shelter when you stand on logout…
But lying flat on the floor may be a different case.
Its not new. It is hardly influenced (IMHO) if you have FULL SHELTER or not.

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