Dead in Base while sleep and actuallly not playing the game since hours

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [EU]
Server 3131

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The 3rd tine i lost all my gear dieing according to the event logs from temoerature change over night while I was logged out
and NO it was not in PVP time

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. log out by just press the PS4 Button and close the application on your base in frost area
    2.with a bit luck you wake up naked afert you log in next day and all you gear is despawned happy about another mad expirience that want to make you throw your controller

You are not immune to temperature while logged off in armor for around ten minutes.

Your best option is to take off all your armor, and empty your inventory in a chest when you log off.

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Yeah, thats a workaround , workarounds over workarounds , its not a bug its a feature…

And you didnt learn anyhing from it after the first time :smiley:

Furnaces can produce a massive load of heat. So if you start to make iron, steel, etc. and logout next to such a thing, it could kill you…

PS.: Also the “sheltering buff” often changes if you crouch… So logging out could remove the sheltering buff in an unlucky scenario.
PPS.: This also happened to me. But I put all my gear into a chest before logging out, since the first time that happened to me.
PPPS.: This is not a bug. Not at all…

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I don’t think you are ever immune to it. I’ve lost armorsets because I died of temperature changes at 4 in the morning after logging of at 11 in the evening.

As Jot29 stated this is not a bug. There have been many times where furnaces are turned on and some members of my clan (myself included) have died from heat exposure. Follow the recommendation of logging out naked to avoid losing your things.


it is also a good idea to build out of the proper material for the area.

IE black ice says it has cold protection so it is for building in cold areas
always look at the temperature recommendation of the building pieces.

Your character doesn’t “go away” when you log out, dying while off line is absolutely an intended feature not a “bug”

You need to plan everything including your log out’s and offline time.