Wake up naked this morning

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer] official 3070 pvp
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [EU]

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***I disconnected the game at home before game restart . And when after sleeping time reconnect the game to finish some arrangement before going to work : totally naked without inventory ?
All stuff destroyed with decay time on the journal after restart of the server … Arf
Nobody with me at this base
No window
just placed on a new large carpet

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.disconnected the game in your base on a large carpet
2.turn off the PS4
4.reconnect the game : you lost all your stuff . you are welcome

I’ve done this five times this week I’ve started storing all my stuff in a chest when I’m about to get off so I don’t have to remake all my star metal tools again I’m on my base do the sleep emote exit to menu then close the application an then turn off my ps4 next day eventlog says my lootbag decayed no explanination how I died


2 pictures to illustrate

It is like if I stayed connected until death … reappear at my bed .

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If your base has no windows, you are more vulnerable to the weather effects of your building materials and the surroundings. For example, if you used insulated wood in the desert you would overheat and die while logged out.

Where is your base and what is it made out of?

Inside the big cave . I realised that now I take damage with cold or hot in different places of my base while wearing gear for cold weather or hot adapted to the place I was before … woOh

Yes, interesting game mechanic. If you go into the chilly highlands, you are warmer naked, and freeze wearing light desert suitable clothing.

perhaps you got raided and someone killed you

I also got this issue. I logged out from within my base, I am on a PVE server, I have no idea how I could have “died”. About to make my own thread.

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I stay always with passive regeneration from vitality lv30 . And play with DLC armor that give weather protection rank 2 … So normaly no probleme with temperature . the worst is died while disconnection by this way !? this way is a bug active in few places only for my mind …
I will secure my stuff in some chest for this location …

I got the same issue.
I disconnected in my house yesterday and woke up naked this morning too. All stuff lost.
I’m doing this all the time and never had any issue before.

The vitality perk and temperature protection provided by armor, if I remember correctly, do not kick in while you are logged out.

You are much more susceptible to death by temperature extremes than you realize when not playing.

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This also just happened to my boyfriend and I. We play on an official pve server. Logged out for less than 24 hours to sleep and work. Upon logging back in we have lost our entire inventory and the log shows our stuff as decayed in a loot bag. No log of being attacked or actually dying. We logged out in our home and have been doing so for over a week with no problems. I feel like I’ve just wasted all the time I spent making the things I had on me. Between all the recent bugs and now this my boyfriend is totally defeated and done with the game. I myself am angry that I spent money on dlc right before this. I expect it to be harsh when I’m online but to have my stuff disappear while I attend to the real world on a pve server is unbelievable to me.

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I’m sorry that happened to you. I think we’ve all suffered from one or two unexpected fatalities.

What I can recommend is storing all of your items in a chest before you signoff. Assuming your base has the correct temperature setting, signing off naked is fine. And if you do die, when you sign back on everything will be in the chest waiting for you.

Happened to me lost 2 sets of armor and had to re make my silent legion armor and cold weather and tools. Was a volcano base and died trying to get to out in time. Server 3512 official

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I had several people we play with on our server say they died while offline and lost everything. I always take off all my armor, and put weapons in a chest before I log off.

I am still waiting for the chest to disappear one day, but I haven’t lost anything because I always log out naked.

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@Chaos31469 and @speedice have the correct work around for this issue store everything in a chest when logging out. I would also add don’t use the sleep emote to lay down. If it happen again at least you won’t lose anything if you’ve stored it.

It seems it happen only in place with something doing warm like brasero Khitan (by my part) … In a frozen part of the map wearing an DLC armor with cold protection level 2 (heavy khitan). So ask to those who died if there was with a warming item in the same place ?

Many times I have done this and it’s been done to me too. On official servers bases loads so slow that sometimes base door does not load in for a while, in the time while it’s still loading I can run in to your home and in conflict window kill you. Cannot take your stuff but still can kill since your body loads together with foundation for base. Every time I log out I leave my body somewhere deep in base since that I haven’t had any problems. Playing on pvec servers. Maybe this can help you.

It really was a warm effect . I know too that you have to beware windows but only newcomers have windows (on the room or crafting place) or chest open on PvP server^^ so for sur I disconnect far away in the base I disconnect ^^