PS4 dying for temperature while offline and inside house on PVE official 3022

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

it happended twice in a couple of days. I log off inside my building and then when i login i see i have died for temperature 2 hours after i have logged off

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You didn’t say what temperature killed you, whether it was heat or cold. But, if you are logging off over or around hearths, furnaces, glow sticks (cold), etc, you will experience the temperature extremes. Your armor won’t protect you out of game.

Best advice, take off all armor and store all your weapons before logging off.

Also, I have seen players use the sleep emote thinking it caused them to log out. They log out, and their character stands up, still in game, and dies eventually. One guy had no clue he had to actually log out to the main screen. He died four times.

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Hello @slivuzzo, welcome to the forums!

We’d suggest checking for any temperature effects before exiting the game, as well as depositing all your inventory in a chest in order to prevent any possible loss of items should something happen to their characters while you’re offline.

It’s also recommended not to sleep close to heat sources such as furnaces, and be aware that they provide heat even when above or below the area they’ve been placed in.

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thank you for your answers.
i am not new to conan exiles, i have conquered the exiles land last year thanks to PS PLUS and i know about some issues still present in the game
i have been away from the game for months and i have always found my char with full inventory, it is just annoying to loose lots of starmetal tools in a couple of days
i have a 2x1 room with only a bed, i always rest in a place where the shelter icon on my HUD is full
i used to have two armor, silent legion and champion, one i wear while the other is on my dalinsia, but i have died from cold temperature while wearing a cold protection armor (the champion armor) because dalinsia is still wearing the silent legion armor

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Could you please provide a screenshot of the area you logged out (both inside and outside of the building) and experienced the issue, while also detailing exactly where your character was positioned and what it had equipped? (e.g. was it a full set of champion armor?)

Did you have any placeable like torches, furnaces, hanging brazier? Did you put stuff in your smelters, turn them on and get off while they were running? What material is your base built out of?

sorry guys I wasn’t home yesterday
so, i had the full set of champion armor, the room I use to sleep is 2 foundations x 1 foundation x 1 wall high, with nothing inside but the bed (no torches, workbech, fireplace… nothing)
the house is placed north of the mounds of the dead (but before the snow) in a small hill so that i can see both the mounds and the meteor shower
I dont have screenshots now but i can provide them if needed
A friend of mine “lives” in the same house with no issues

Thank you for providing further details, we’ll forward these to the team, apologies for the frustration this issue has caused.

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