I died in my base while offline due to temperature changes

I5 on PVE-C Siptah in a sandstone base. I was wearing epic hyrkanian raider.

Did you log out on top of a bed or near a furnace?

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Global Warming?


out of curiosity, what has a bed to do with that?

There’s been a long-time bug where if you log out on top of specific beds, you die


good to know, i usually log out next to the bed so i wasn’t aware thats a thing. thanks!

furnaces have a high temperature range. You can die even if the furnaces are 2 floors up or under you. But furnaces are not the only heat sources and ways to get you killed while logged off. I know of several ways to kill offline players inside a base.

Best you can do is stripping yourself naked before logging out and putting everything you got on you in nearby chests and log them. This way, if you die, you won´t loose anything.

You also should never leave important items or materials or thralls in workbenches when you are offline. Since there are also several ways how people can bug into your base. Sandstone and blackice are easy to look and bug through. Without cheats there is no way to open up locked chests and vaults but everything else that is laying around in your base can be stolen. Most people are looking for thralls, weapons and high quality materials. So keep that in mind and keep your chests logged.

Do not build benches or decorational items likes stools to close to your walls. Time your wheels. Do not let popular or rare thralls sit unwatched for to long in your wheels. Thrallmasters do not need to be on the wheel all the time to get the timebuff. If your thralls are half done you can put the thrallmaster in the wheel and it will add the time to it automatically. Conan Exiles is a very exploitable game. Keep that in mind while playing.

I think the most likely scenario is that I logged off near the furnaces. I never noticed any type of problem with furnaces on live.

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