Base in the cold north

I have recently made a base in the cold north. Every time I log out my character dies and i re-spawn at a bed i have at my old base. Is there a way not to die when logged in the base in the north. Or should I just place a new bed (spawn) in the north and make sure all my gear is in a chest before I log knowing Im going to die when I log. ( No one can access this base to kill me when I am logged)

Thanks for the help and info.

never a bad idea to put your stuff in a chest. IN the cold areas you can also put a fireplace or two in your bedroom. this will help keep you warm while you sleep.

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I have a base in the North near the Black Keep, when I log out in it and I put myself almost on top of the fireplace and haven’t had the issue of logging in naked in the desert or at another bed.

In the past when I didn’t do this, I would sometimes log in naked in the desert. So my solution and advice to you is to build a fireplace and get as close to it as possible before logging off.

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I’ve never tested this, is there any chance that the reason one of our building materials is called Insulated wood is because it helps you stay warm? Just curious.

Sierra, that doesn’t seem to matter in my experience.

Before using the fireplace method, I would find myself respawned in the desert naked if I logged off by the Black Keep. And I’ve always made the base up there out of insulated wood for its effects.

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you only need 30 points on vitality and you never die. you should sleep undressed, always better.

khitan, insulated wood and black ice building pieces will raise the temperature about one stage

I could be wrong, but the way I understand the problem, the Vitality perk(s) do not work while you’re offline (if so that HAS to be a bug).

So, if you rely on either of the vitality perks (temperature resistance and/or regen tick) to stay alive while online, you’re almost guaranteed to wake up dead.

Note: I haven’t built a base in the North outside of singleplayer for exactly this reason, so I’m by no means an authority.

I love the feeling of fighting the elements in the North, but I don’t fancy waking up naked in the desert (again), and undressing before logoff every time gets tedious, so I only go on looting expeditions up there (must have black ice!), which is a bit of a pity. Especially since I always end up overloading myself and taking an hour to get back home, but “c’est la vie d’un barbare” as they say.


Thank you all for your responses I will test each one of your ideas.

When you log out your player stats do not help your body.

I’ve tested this crap multiple times I’ve made a small room and put a fireplace in it with my bed and I still die I noticed it happens in the frostbite zones it’s definitely a issue I’ve even layered black ice to see if I can get a better insulation from it and nope you still die I would suggest put all you crap in a box unless you move to a area that at most gets extremely cold. I’m on ps4 by the way

in really cold areas I have 3 fireplaces surrounding my bed, and I logout on my bed naked.

How does anyone survive in such cold places like Alaska? Native people does that. If you’re not a local boy in there then you must use electrical gadgets such as heaters to warm up, or fireplaces. Well, Conan Exiles seems to think otherwise, since you can dress a tinny piece of clothing such as Zamorian thief set and that will keep you fine in ice. Obviously them guys who made this game didn’t did too much research or didn’t cared much. Regardless, if you have a perk to prevent you dieing from cold it SHOULD works no matter if you’re online or offline. I have found (in the hard way) that in the volcano it’s even worse, since you can’t do anything to refresh whyle offline. In cold areas though, you should be safe inside walls: what is really dangerous in cold areas is the wind. Heavy clothing and closed spaces should keep you alive same as real life.

CE does go some way towards trying for a semi-realistic approach to cold weather, which is more than most games do, but between bugs and the inevitable abstractions in favor of gameplay over realism, it’s still a far cry from an actual survival experience (which is fine, it is still supposed to be a game!).

The apparent bugs and inconsistency is a bummer though.

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