Freezing to death in my base

Hello, Hope everyone is enjoying the new patch. I however am not as i have a major problem.

I built my base about 6 months ago and it is quite big and stretches along the ice sheet on the river next to the Bridge of the Betrayer.

Since the patch however, when i go to certain areas of my base i start freezing to death. I noticed this is happening in the “extremely cold” areas. I am currently wearing a full set of Exceptional Khitan captain Armour. I only have a tier 3 armourer and am struggling to find a tier 4 one and the best epic armour i can make along with a riddle of steel helmet only gives me a total of 7/10 cold resistance bars :frowning:. I have a swimming pool in the lower levels of my base that i used to enjoy going in and now when i enter it, i am dead within 15 seconds :frowning:. Sorry if i sound like a noob, i only like building and killing mobs, don’t really do any of the group/advanced stuff. I am only official server #1029 PVE.

I hate this change. I have tried all armour combinations i can make with my current armourer and i am having no luck :frowning:. Can anyone help or give advice? Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, I may have overlooked it but what building set are you using?

Hello thanks for your reply. i am currently half tier 2 Insulated wood and half tier 3 black ice. i dont really have any buildings in the so called area.

see pic

i guess if i build a roof that might solve the issue but i dont want to :frowning:

Its the new patch dynamic, you’ll need to set up some fireplaces in the real cold spots. I have the same problem only in reverse. Now I cant go into my base or I die of heatstroke. I took down all of my wall torches and that resolved the issue, but now I just cant see at night. More “Its not broke so lets fix it” Funcom. Have fun…

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It was broke, at least in the sense of not performing how it was intended to. Now about the solution also not being that great, thats another story.

Glowing goop torches cool you down a bit, and witchfire ones simply don’t put out any heat.

Thanks, witchfire has a blue glow I dont really care for, but the orbs will work. :slight_smile:

Where godbreaker, there’s a also a shield you can get that gives a huge amount of cold resistance

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