HEatStroke inside my Sepermeru Base?

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: PvE
Region: LATAM

I died inside my base while I was logged off by heatstroke, I lost all my stuff. In the center of my base is having heatstoke !!! Im so Angry about that!!!

I was at my base today at Seper, and had no real problem with temps.

Once i noticed i was nearly to frostbite after i drank some water, but was also wearing a very effective heat-protecting armour.
Seems they made climat slightly harsher, but i think it’s for the good.
It’s was bit to meh everywhere the last patches at my opinion.

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Seems like they could at least keep your stuff until you log back on.

It’s part of the survival game.

  • To avoid that, build a base with the right material appropriate to climate.
  • Dress accordingly
  • Don’t log-out near a window/door
  • for security, and if ever the badest should happen, log-out in a small safe room
  • without windows
  • put all your precious stuff in a nearby chest, wear a less worthy but appropriate armour (old, used one does the trick) when loging out.

Or, chose a server where your body doesn’t stay inworld when loged-off. :woman_shrugging:

I was with a Full Heat Resistence Armor when i log off, after Update my base turns a Volcano, a lot players had tested.

Another reason why I play on SP. :grin:

Then, sorry, couldn’t reproduce that.

Maybe you could post how your base is built (what mats), approx where, and what armour you was wearing when this happened.
Like said, i have a aquilinian base near Seper, and didn’t experience lot more heat than usual.
So may be server related, or else.
The more infos the better, and the more people reporting a same bug to in order to fix it.

in addition to the questions asked by Vattende, let us know if you logged our near a heat source, such as furnace, fireplace, etc.

I noticed that the last patch caused furnaces at my base to raise temperature again. Before that, they didn’t seem to affect temperature much(probably due to a bug). Maybe that’s what happened to OP?

check the video above, the center of my base is causing heatstroke, even if you have the armor of the silent legion, that bug ignore any armors.

Not everybody is understanding what you’re talking in your video.
Also not really clear so what is going on, also what did you all use to build your base.

Floor is ? dlc or insulated wood ?
Looks there is also some khitan elements, all this is cold resistant.
Like said, it’s more handy for others to figure out if you give a correct description of the given bug.

Turian, hardened brick, aquilonian, and of course sandstone are heat-resistant.
Khitan, insulated wood, black-ice is not.

Mixte may be fine, but depends lot the region.
My own base is aquilonian only.

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First post here, I came to see if anybody else was experiencing the same bug. It happened exactly the same to me after the last patch. In the center of my base (innermost tiles only) I’m now experiencing a heatstroke.
-Single player
-Changing clothes has no effect
-My base is in the plains north of the mounds of the dead. Climate is neither too hot or too cold
-I’m 200 hrs into the game, I didn’t change anything in my base in the last 50 hrs or so.
-Never had this issue before the last patch.

North of the Mounds of the Dead? If anything, you should be dying to Frostbite. That’s odd that you’d be dying to heatstroke.

Remove the Aquilonian Braziers. And any other sources of fire.

During EA there was an issue where the heat value of things was so high being near a room with a furnace would give you heat stroke.

I have noticed that any time neat a heat source you get hot now. The radius isn’t high but that brazier above your body is low and may be the cause.

It isn’t documented but heat levels near heat sources have gone up significantly since the last patch. Likely they undid something they fixed before by fixing improperly something they undid previously.

I had Extreme cold in the desert yesterday wearing Flawless Epic Black Dragon armour that was just from drinking water (and then eating ice to see if it would knock me down to a level I’d take damage)

Hot and Cold Values seem to be off.

I’m still in the green forest area, on the hill overlooking the mounds.

The thermometer bar fills about one third of the dial if I stay naked out in the open.

*Somewhere in the shadows, that one troll dev is chuckling at home, enjoying the devastation he has wrought at work by “mistake”.

Ok, I think I found the bug. At least in my case I discovered that by removing two fireplaces I had on different levels of the central tower of my base, the temperature went back to normal. Those fireplaces had been there from the very beginning and always warmed the place but never with such a fiery force!

I also stumbled on another issue. Now gruel instantly disappears from the thralls’ inventory. I tried to add a hundred dishes at a time, but they disappear the moment I close the inventory menu. Good thing I also keep a cauldron nearby otherwise my poor thralls would be starving to death…

@Msxyz, there are other threads that will explain what is happening with feeding the thralls and pets.

Look around a bit and you may be pleased :slight_smile:



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But this bug just happens in this base, another bases still normal even aquilonian Brasiers!!!

my base is black ice and pict, after the update the center of my base causesheatstoke to a level that no armor resists, I live in sepermeru next to the unnamed city, I never had problems with temperatures until this update.

I have furnaces upstairs, but on other bases even with several furnaces do not cause this temperature bug, just that one!!!