Crazy temperature levels after patch

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Im noticing a drastic change on heat level after the patch, the place my base is located changed from normal / slight cold to HOT! I live East of the Pirate ship, close to the pool with the Croc World boss and the temeperature in that area raised ridiculously high after this patch.

After asking in Global I heard some other people are having the same issues.

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Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [North America]

I’m also noticing an ingame heat wave on singleplayer, even with heat resistant armor. I’m constantly using my waterskin on cooldown. In shelter and out of shelter, it seems to be the same, but I can’t be sure that was a factor before or not. Although, to be fair, I am located at the very northside of the desert, where the aquaduct breaks off above that pool of water. Also, on an un-related issue, my avatar on my inventory screen disapears after the first time I open and close my inventory.

Im on PS4 PVP official servers and found the same thing last night after the patch. Temperature swings were constantly happening, go near a furnace or fire and almost instantly very hot, go outside and now im cold. It seems much more sensitive to weather, environment and crafting tables.

Yeah, I was reaching very hot near my stove, furnaces, and that alchemical thing, at least before I switched to heat resistant armor, then it was just hot. But it was just as hot in the desert, I was under the impression that the armor type was suppose to offset that enough so I wouldn’t need 2 waterskins just to stay cool. I mean, was this intended? Am I suppose to be constantly drinking water in the desert? Is there some sorta food that cools you off that I don’t know about? Or some sort of heat resistant shield I can carry around? >_>

My base is in towers of southern aqueduct and when in base my clan and i are dying because of the heat we are all running around naked and still dying even when we drink a lot of water …I just got the surviving the volcano heat journey while in my base. Not kidding Game at our base is unplayable this patch is horrible

Definitely not, I build in this same location since EA and never experianced a temperature that high. Been using the same gear for weeks and my temperature was always at normal, now it was HOT at the same location with the same gear.

Im also in the desert area, in the green canyon with the Croc Boss, the temperature shouldnt be that high. PEople in my server are reporting heat even in the Highlands. Something they changed must have messed up temperatures, this is not the first time something like this happens.

Maybe it’s intended to encourage players to make aqautic bases? Or call your AC repairman :laughing: To bad you can’t divert water sources, I’d give it a try.

To make things worse I just noticed we cant place Water Wells! They are broken and wont accept being placed anywhere!

I am in the northern area near the mounds so on the border of cool and hot, I am wearing the standard medium which gives buff for hot areas and I’m still roasting.

Personally I now feel the temperatures are what they should be. No more black ice and cold armour in desert etc.

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I’m not in the desert, I’m in the North and overheating in armour meant for the hot area. Please explain how this is what it should be

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They want us all to experience what they are going through in Oslo.

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Never would have thought that the low 80’s F (27-28 C) could be considered unbearable, throw in a dewpoint over 70 F and I’ll agree that its miserable. :slight_smile: 86 F with a 74 F dewpoint here in downtown Manhattan right now, its execrable out there.

After investingating in SP as naked.

Tundra cold/very cold
Highlands neutral
Snow extremely cold/frostbite
Jungle hot
Volcano extremely hot/heatstroke
Savanah areas hot
Desert over unnamed city hot
Desert at black hand and up hot
Rest of desert neutral


This is really sad. I mean, I got my Reinforced Stone base (not black ice or insulated), in the grass area, where the pigs are north of The Den. Had no problem. Came back after patch, and if i don’t constant use ice and water, i die. I died like 6 times in 2 hours, and just quit the game. Yes, i was wearing light armor, and even naked, yes all the wall mounted torches have been removed to test it, and all the furnaces stopped. In order for people to understand that this is bad, If i equip my medium armor, normal one, not epic or something, and the backpack (no temperature resist in attributes), and go to farm black ice, where before when I went there, the second I touch the snow I got the very cold, and by the time I got to the first node of black ice I got frostbite and had to use the cold resist armor, now, I just dont care and equip my medium normal armor and go crazy in the mountains without getting any sort of frostbite. I mean, at this point, What I have to do, is abandon my main base, that I worked so ■■■■■■■■ hard for a youtube video cause it’s huge and rebuild in the snow area. Hell no. I ain’t touching the game until this is fixed.

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Yes, apparently its not global, some specific areas are having this problem.

I noticed that the canyon I build my base in the desert, which is right next where that Desert Dogs named fighter spawn N’batu and Croc World boss, has had a considerable increase in the temperature that is not equal to the surrounding areas! Everything around is either normal or even slight cold, you need to fix this inconsistente

Experiencing every patch is like going backwards in time… Old bugs resurface over and over. It seems Funcom needs to hire a new version management guy.

Please what armor is your characters wearing ?

In desert, I wear a Darfari armor and everything seems normal, I even have cold when drinking water :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s odd. My character, whether using darfari light armour or completely naked, gets the ‘hot’ warning in every part of the desert. Something is very screwy here.

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We went through a little switchover twice during EA that messed with temp glitches. Every time, you needed to unequip all your armor, then re-equip it. Sometimes you needed to log out naked and then back in. Once done, you’d be able to switch armor again. Try stripping off your armor.

Campfires and other cooking surfaces have an amazingly large heat envelope. Firebowl cauldrons also give off heat, as do many other sources.

Using ShintaiDK’s information as a rough framework, my team and I have built houses on public servers and private servers, and can report the moderating effects of buildings are working as intended. This is much closer to what we had during Early Access. There also appear to be zones or irregular patterns of heat whereas before it seemed quite bit-blocky.

You can roast to death in black ice now. I’ve had to harbor a few folks in a newly-built rack room. (The jungle is not a great place to go cheap-ish on the build anymore.) Otherwise, I think harsh temp effects are a necessity, and with any luck they’ll tune it so it’s tough enough to make me squint.