Whats happened to the temperature?

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue: Bug | Performance
**Server type PvE
**Region: US

Since after this patch I noticed the temperature has changed. Im using the same gear as usual, my house is in the same place, but when I go outdoors it gets as high as Hot, and I did not have that before!

I dont know if its the temperature or the gear, I noticed my Flawless Epic Aquilonian Epic helmet for example only drops my temperature by one single tick when I put it on, something is wrong!!

Didn’t really experience any change in temperatures lately. Not on my server, and not in singleplayer.

Maybe location related ?
You don’t mention where you base is located, not how it’s built.
Also the rest of your amour may affect this, not only the helmet. Hard to tell with the few infos i mean.

But yes, location ! :wink:

Torchs too if i’m correct.

Yes, all fire-sources and such give some heat more.
Some special torches don’t.

The opposite effect exists too: Glowing stick gives heat resistance (Your temperature goes down around it)! I guess it has the same effect for the lights made with the same elements

Yes, that what i meant, you have also witch-fire.

But to much normal torches, wand- standing and such will heat slighting the surrounding, so do all fires, and braziers and such .

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Yes, I forgot the most important detail. My base is located in the green canyon where a boss croc lives, at H6. This entire valley is covered with trees, grass and there are rivers all around it and a lake, yet it has a hot temperature, almost very hot without heat resistance gear.

I always pick that location since Early Access day 1 and its not the first time I notice temperature changes after patches. My base has been finished and untouched for months and its Aquilonian, there is no way its my end, nothing has changed.

Oh yes, the little oasis with a bubbling hot spring! :person_in_steamy_room: Do you remember right after Frozen North dropped, when this was almost a Heatstroke area? Is it similar to that?

Sure. i know the big croc, have build several bases there around in the past. But didn’t really settle there around the last time.
You’re on official, so can’t be a mod. Strange indeed.
I will build a bench there, and see what happens. :wink:

I have a actual base near executionner’s entrance, and there climat is fine, like usual. Just the sandstorm changed, and don’t hit more this area where i have built.

Exactly, that area has gone through many temperature changes in the past, its not that extreme but its unreasonable hot. Its a canyon, it shaded and has little sun incidence, trees, grass, rivers around and a lake inside. How can it be more hot than several desert locations there is nothing but dead trees, bones and endless scorching sand?

It makes no sense places like the Executioners entrance (and several other desert locations) have better temperature than this place I built my base. Seems like trees emit heat lol, just look at the forest biome in this game, its hotter than the desert.

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