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Hi all!

I started building a base on a cliff beside the oasis that sits near the Mitra temple, you know the one just east of the large city ruins. The problem is the cliff is not really even and it’s hard to lay down foundations.

Would anyone happen to know if the desert surrounding the oasis and Mitra temple is more flat?

Also, I noticed I get “hot” there, and that is one part of the game I never really understood how body temperature works in the game and how to deal with it. Could some kind player please explain the temperature aspect of the game to me and steps to counter it? I noticed that on my trait screen vitality(or was it endurance?) helps with temperature resistance on the second tier and I am now allocating points for that.

I also noticed that armour has cold and hot icons next to the images. Could someone please explain that to me?

Sorry for all the questions! This is offline single player mode.

Lets say you wear something in north which has an orange symbol (=heatprotection).
Even though one would assume that any clothing is better than nothing, armor with heatprotections makes you feel more cold in north.

Same goes for cold protection (blue) armor in southern, hot areas.

It’s a single line and each area has a temperature somewhere on it.
Armor will always make that line move to the left or right.

Thats how I think about it.
So right now, you will want to wear orange armor in hot areas and blue in cold areas.

However, I would prefer if cold and heat were seperated.
With all armors granting both resistances and staying nude being the worst. Then thick/fur armor would grant a ton of cold protection but very low or none heat protection while light armor which would be very neat to wear at hot areas would grant a ton of heat protection and a little against cold as well.
Both “lines” would balance each other, going towards a 0 which would be the same as mild climate.

(Like player having heat protection in some cold area, sitting inside an isolated building at some fireplace.
Lets say the area applies 50 cold and the fireplace grants 20 heat. Armor of player is adjusted for cold areas and grants 30 heat and 10 cold - the area is already cold so only heat gets counted. This results in the player temperature being “0” and thus okay. Does saying it like that make any sense? At least I hope so. :joy:)
Muggles thinking.

What I have found is if you go up north to the snowy areas you will need cold weather gear or you will get frost bite and ultimately die. If you go south to the dessert in cold weather gear you will heat up but I have never got heatstroke, I do have to drink a lot more though. I suspect points in survivability may counter that a bit, not sure.

There was a time when it seemed different parts of the dessert had different temperatures, some area giving you heatstroke (tower of the bat area use to be a real hot zone). But people complained about heat stroke on the forums and ultimately FunCom caved and neutered the heatstroke mechanic.

if as i think you’re referencing to “muriela’s hope” where the rhino king is lurking around, then yes the desert surounding this area is flat enough for a small or a medium sized base.
However if you plan on building sthing big like more than 15x15 foundations then you’ll probably need to lay out 2 foundations high in order to get sthing 100% flat (depending on the spot you choose OFC).
And if you plan on building sthing HUGE then you’ll need 3 foundations high.

Have fun building !

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Thanks for answering everyone! I learned tons! Much appreciated!

Yes, I was talking about Muriela’s hope, I had forgotten the name!

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