Getting "very cold" in desert area

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: bug
Server type: PVE
Region: EU #1004

I am getting a bit cold in a desert area. Wearing good heat resist armor, drinking water from river gets me to “very cold” near “the Arena” landmark, in a base few steps away, getting “cold” without cooling effect, wearing same armor

Tried few times with same result, even restarted the game

Wearing: flawless epic black dragon
vitality: 30

I am at that location often, never experienced so much cold.
I presume it is not intended.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Wear good heat resist armor at said location (see picture for exact location)
  2. drink water from river
  3. get “very Cold” in the desert area at daytime


Last night confirmed, Epic Flawless Yamatai medium armor. Fleshtearer Falls. Official PvP.


This isn’t actually true. There are areas of the desert that have a cold modifier and areas which have a heat modifier. There are also areas of the north which have an extra cold modifier. Source: experience having bases in those said areas.

Thank you for explaining.

I roughly understand the workings of temperature modifiers.

My point was, that I never before noticed to get “very cold” even with that armor + cooldown effect at that location.
Hence, I presumed that I experienced something that was not intended to happen.

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Actually, I think you both are saying the same thing in different terms. Think of the difference between insulating your walls to lower summer heat, and compare that with running the air conditioning all the time.

Temperature seems to be linear. Cold resistant armor doesn’t really resist cold, it adds heat. Then, when you get in a warmer area, that adds more heat. The opposite is true, as Shinrai said. Some areas add cold to that linear temperature, the same as drinking water.

All that explanation aside, there have been reports of a difference in areas, where before a character without any temperature modifiers (armor, some shields, etc.) now experience getting colder when before they were temperature neutral. Those reports really cannot be dismissed so easily.

Personally, I have not noticed them, sorry. But then, anywhere south of the snow, I tend to run nekkid and stay within safe temperature bounds. I do experience getting hotter/colder, but that just affects my appetite and is easily overcome. On another server, where my body would stay in the world after logout, it would cause me to die of thirst or hunger.



You realize they pick and choose what is available in the dev kit right? I’ll give you a perfect example of a spot which has a special cold zone and a special heat zone right next to each other. Just north of the oasis there is a peak range that has a desert floor. This desert floor is higher than a good portion of the ground leading up to it from shattered springs. Yet while in this desert floor it’s hotter. Just south west of the west most part of this desert floor is a cove in a small hillside. If you stand on the hill it’s normal desert temperature, the same temperature as the surrounding desert (not the desert floor). But if you step into the cove in the hill it is much colder than even standing near one of the pillar mountains nearby.

Hey there,

There’s some changes coming for the temperature system in our current Testlive build. You can give it a look in the patch notes here:

until then it works on a single axis with no actual insulation mechanics

First that’s the statement I was responding to.

Second as you can see by the heatmap you proved the area I described is in a neutral grey area just north of the oasis. According to your provided heatmap the entire desert floor and the extra cold area should be the same temperature of the oasis itself. Yet the cove is colder and the desert floor is hotter.

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