Fix the temperature!

Since the “500 fix patch” the temperature at some places has drastically changed, my base, which is located in the desert, in the Canyon next to a Croc boss has suffered a DRASTIC temperature change! Some other people have reported other temperature changes all over the map and nothing has been done!

Anyways… the system is so messed up I used to have a Insulated Wood/Stonebrick base, not the best heat resistance but it worked, I built it for the looks and to keet me cool enough. I could even wear 1 or 2 cold resistance pieces inside with no issues. But all this changed after the “500 fix patch” I have been struggling with the temperature there even in full heat resistance gear. So I decided to fully upgrade my base to Aquilonian… and guess what happened? The temperature is slighty HIGHER inside! The same at best… how can a Heat&Cold mixture T2 base have the same (or better) heat protection than a full T3 heat resistance base?!?

I was cautious enough to only use Wall lanters, place plenty of windows and not a single brazier, keep my furnace in the very corner of the base and Im still having temperature issues… Seriously? If I give 1 step outside my base its colder than inside… Fix map temperature inconsistencies (the entire surrounding area is arid and somehow COLDER than this grass covered canyon I built my base, it even trees, a lake… it has wildlife!! How can it be hotter than the desert next to it??) and fix those structure heat/cold resistance issues…


So the marble structure is cold resistant not heat resistant?

Guess that was planned since they did release the new DLC.

Its not supposed to be cold resistant… all I can say its not doing any good at keeping me cooler inside.

If you are using insulated wood in the desert, you’re doing it wrong.

Did you actually read the post… ?

That particular location is a hot spot, you’ll find others around the desert. Is it killing you?

It was not before the “500 fix” patch. Now it has a much higher temperature than before and it makes no logic! The pirate ship, which is in the middle of a full arid/desert area has normal temperature… Then you walk for 1 minute from there, find a spot full of grass, trees and a lake next to a river and its… HOT?!

Sand, cactus, dry trees, no wild life = Normal Temperature
Lake, river, grass, trees, aligators, Antelope = Hot Temperature ??

The temperature either changed or they messed up with armor heat resistance. I could use a mixture of cold/heat protection armor, inside a mixture of cold/heat T2 structure and not even get close of being hot! Now Im wearing FULL heat resistance, inside a FULL T3 heat resistance base and the meter is so high I get to Hot status if I take a single Heat resistance armor off

Maybe it’s just that putting points in survival was useless… :baby:

One thing for sure, Aquilonian is definitely NOT decreasing heat levels, for the contrary, after some tests Im almost sure it heats you. Insulated Marble?

We tore down our fortress in the desert. Between the heat, and no wells. It got old quick.
I built in the tower that used to house a great underground cavern, that got filled in :frowning:

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After the 500 patch I cant be in my base naked or I get a heatstroke and dies, it’s a black ice structure at the border between north and south. Doubt the change was intentional, shouldn’t die of heastroke when naked and then be cold when carrying heavy armor set.
Only place I got heatstroke when naked before was volcano.

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Imo the aquilonian structures are bugged. They should give heat resistance and not the opposite. Same goes for aquilonian armor, they have no cold/heat resistance at all. Let’s hope we will get heat resistance on aquilonian armor and buildings.

Yup, i can confirm that. Temperature levels are higher across the board.

I tested it with max points in survival and 30 points in vitality. There is no difference.

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I am glad that the temperature finally plays a bigger role in the survival part of the game. I don’t disagree that it seems some areas temperatures are messed up.


Yes, take New Asagarth for example, thats in the middle of the north map, a place you would expect a slight colder environment. I have a tiny outpost there, if I enter it wearing at least 4 Lemurian pieces Im Hot… really? I need to take off 2 pieces of the armor, keeping only 3 pieces or else Im already at Hot stats… and thats 1 step away from the frozen part of the map, not even wearing full Lemurian can prevent Extremely Cold stats at some spots.

The system is crazy and making no logic like that

In Early Access, the temperatures were far better. However it was ‘too hard’ for most.

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Well, it was harder mainly due to how quickly it would change your temperature. I remember how for a while when they first added it, the large plateau that had The Summoning Place was always insanely hot and you essentially had to sprint straight across from the starting river to the other side and you’d end up getting overheated/heatstroke almost immediately.

EDIT: Oh, and completely unrelated - but I love your archery mod, Taemien. I just started using it yesterday and the balance on it is great.

I think that plateau was bearable in Light Armor. Definitely not in anything else or no armor. I was actually thinking of that area in this thread. There should be a few areas which are extreme temps. However those areas should have a higher concentration of resources or unique rarer resources.

Kinda like how the Frost Temple is cold, but tons of Black Ice. I’d like to see an area of the desert do the same with another resource. I love how the springs are deadly with the air, but have tons of Brimstone.

And you’re definitely welcome on the mod. That took a bit of doing. Had to figure out how arrow dmg/pen worked with bows. Its a bit convoluted but we figured it out and did some extensive testing. I just wish we could get the DLC bows some love.

Thanks for this post.

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