Aquilonian structures, cold or heat?

As the title says, what resistance a Aquilonian house provides? I was told it gives cold resistance… but I would like to be sure before I consider upgrading my base to it.


It should be heat, marble and frost dont go well together.

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My guess it should be heat as well. Though me I prefer to stay in the highlands since it feels cooler than in the desert and also more comfy to live in in my personal opinion since my character is Nordheimer.

Yup both should be heat protection the buildings and armor :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks, someone told me it was cold like the Khitan, it didnt make logic but… lots of things in this game doesnt make logic

While on the subject on Aquilonian structures (and I don’t mean to hijack the thread) is anyone else having trouble getting the Aquilonian foundations to stack when placing them?

I dont have that that problem

Havent had this problem, are you having this issue everytime? Many things could cause placement issues, like other pieces around. Sometimes even the infamous “ghost” structure bug, when the game cant tell if there is a foundation/celing there and your character keeps falling through it

I have this issue, I can build down, so for example build a sand stone wall out of foundations and replace with Aquilonian foundations, from the top down. But stacking up it will not do.

I play PC and have a private server.

Well, back in the subject, my base is now fully upgrade to Aquilonian, but the temperature inside is still lame!

Im in the desert and my old base used to be a mixture of Insulated Wood and Stonebrick, not the best combination but I designed it for the looks. But now its FULL Aquilonian and the temperature inside is slightly HIGHER, at max its the same… but even if its the same, how the hells a Insulated/Stonebrick base have the same temperature a full Aquilonian base has?!

Every time yes, though I have been able to stack them on top of other foundations types. For some reason the Aquilonian foundations just refuse to stack on each other.

heat/cold are not implemented yet for the dlc.

The armors also are missing it. They should also come with heat-protection all. This should be corrected next.

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