HOT all the time after 10/13 Hotfix

After the 10/13 hotfix, I am now HOT all the time in my flotsam base, naked or clothed with Argossian Epic. If I drink water, I am shown both the HOT icon, and the Cooling Down icon, but am never soothing and regenerating.

Where at?

Do you have several furnaces and fires burning close to you?
I get extremely hot in my base when having 3 or more furnace going at the same time and being close to them :slight_smile:

D 11. I have another character on another server at the same location - that character is not hot.

Did not matter where I was in the base - I even went down to the water and submerged - still hot…

As a test, I removed all my gear and killed myself; when I respawned I was no longer hot. I put my gear back on and am still not hot - which is good, but not the ideal solution! :smile:

I died in my base because of a heatstroke… even the ice I nicked form the preservation box was n’t enough to cool me down lmao

I kind of laughed about it, then cryed when I found out my spawn was on the other side of the map :smiley:

I had that happen to me a few days ago, no matter where I was I was dying of heatstroke, restarting my game solved it for me and I haven’t experienced it since then :slight_smile:

I had a similar bug experience. I was hot, very hot, and had heatstroke even while crossing the Bridge of the Betrayer which added cold and very cold at the same time. How I can have heatstroke and very cold simultaneously was really weird. And yes, I had five temperature messages on the right side of the screen all going at once.

Relogging also seemed to fix the bug. And it hasn’t shown up again (so far).

This is because of the temperature kludge they did when siptah was introduced. They’ve made a mess of temperature because they didnt want to rewrite anything (and I think frankly they don’t really know what they should do).

This entire “Early Access” phase is basically one big “Ask the Audience” (if you ever watched Who wants to be a millionaire")

They had one idea, the maelstrom, built a map around it which they made smaller to try to make it run better, but they even managed to mess that up. Now every patch just includes yet another dumb kludge and not a real design decision.

What I mean is:

  • Either make temperature matter, or just take it out.
  • Make cooking matter or just take it out

So far they’ve kludged the temperature and the food, now the maelstrom. We still have dumb as bricks, near useless AI, and a host of other bugs now on top of their dumb kludges.

I would restore temperature to the way it was, and also cooking. I don’t have a better idea, but in the previous iteration, cooking was interesting and fun, and temperature mattered and made armour choices significant.

Now its just stupid and boring and grindy and food is irrelevant and dumb bugs like being freezing and heatstroke at the same time… lol funcom never change.

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