Temperature Bug Killed Me, Thx

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: NA/US

Welp, because your useless bug-fixing team hasn’t fixed both the Player Body disappearance bug and this Temperature bug whereby potential sources of heat act as if they’re burning fuel when they’re dormant (thereby increasing heat constantly if you’re near them), my character died while I was offline last night, inside my base, not a single thing busted into to get at me, and my Flawless Obsidian Greatsword, Pickaxes, Silent Legion gear, etc. is all now gone up in smoke. A clanmate of mine died while offline to the same incompetence. Great job, guys. A+.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Logout
  2. Have server reset introduce the temperature bug into the game, even though it has been an issue in the game for at least over a month now
  3. Die from heatstroke while offline
  4. Log in to see your naked character staring at a wall like an idiot
  5. Complain to Funcom and watch as they fix thralls instead
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Oh, and all my Dragonbone weapons too, now that I think about it. Again, great job.

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Whats the location of your base and what is it made of?

South River, Sandstone. No, I didn’t get purged. Purge meter wasn’t full, nothing was destroyed, I was multiple floors up, have a pile of thralls in the way, and it was after Purge and Base PvP hours when I logged.

And the temperature bug is in the game currently. I was Very Hot standing naked by a dormant firebowl cauldron.

I didn’t die once because of heat, however your armor buffs doesn’t work when you are logged out and your body stays in the world. If your base is located in a hot area and your building doesn’t protect you well from heat, plus you are next to a artifical heat source, this might be no bug at all. Maybe the thing with the armor is a bug.

You think they’re gonna fix thralls? Bold claim

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A sandstone base in the desert should be safe unless you log out near fires

Which he did

They couldn’t fix anything even if the solution was given to them lol

Well, let’s just say, if someone’s dying and losing all their gear because they logged-out next to a Khitan lamp, something’s broken.

The temperature bug does exist, unless potential heat sources like Firebowl Cauldrons are supposed to ramp up your temp even when they’re off, which makes no sense.

The bug is happening right now in-game for my Cauldron and Stove. I’ve had it happen before when next to Campfires as well. None of them are running, but my temp ticks up and up. As I recall, I logged near my Cauldron (which was off). So that probably killed me.

Cauldron, stove and campfires always give off heat I don’t think this is anything new but people are dying because they don’t realize that now with the temperature of environment actually working (don’t think its a bug) that you have to be way more careful about where you log out. I have a bedroom in the ice area with a fireplace and log out naked with no equipment. I have never died off line except to raiders. This is a survival game, you cant just logout next to a fire in the desert.

Well, I know for a fact they don’t always give off heat because they don’t most of the time that I am near them. It wouldn’t even make sense if they did. An unlit stove won’t burn your house down for christ’s sake. It’s farcical.

That may be true that you don’t notice a big difference when you are online, remember that your vitality perka and armour have no effect while you are offline.
and this is Conan not real life

I’m literally standing right next to my Stove at the moment in-game, and I’m getting no temp increase at all. Earlier it was increasing despite being off. There is a bug here, bro.

There may be, we use campfires as heatstroke defense sometimes and that works without lighting the fire. I would still suggest logging out and putting stuff away as a habit. Also make a bedroom just for logging out then you can control the temps better.

lol, I stood faceplanting a Khitan Lamp just now for a minute and zero heat increase. Some values are off.

Is the enclosed area windowless? Try at least two stories with windows all around for the 2nd story. I’ve never had a killer heat problem since I’ve been doing that and log out with four furnaces, two kettlebowl cauldrons, a cookfire & stove running sometimes. Could also try putting 10 points into Survival if you don’t have any, it’ll make a difference.