Loged out safe and sound, loged in naked

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue:| Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Offical Server #1030 PvE - g-portal.com

Yesterday I finally did it. I scraped together all my starmetal and all my armor scraps from over half a dozens clears of the warmaker dungeon and crafed me a godbreaker armor.

I logged out safe and sound, feed and hydrated, inside my T3 base, surrounded by my thralls and everything. No heat, no cold, purge meter almost zero, absolutely no indication of any danger.

Today I logged in and started next to my bed naked. No indication whatsoever about what the ### happened.

The base is totally untouched, not even a scratch on any of the walls.

I do not farm star metal, because in PvE you are already an invincible god just with epic heavy exiles armor, a dragon bone weapon and a thrall bodyguard to carve everything up while you stand back and watch.

All my star metal came from the occasional looting it here and there. Those 40 bars were all I ever had, this is a huge setback and disappointment to me.

Edit: Oh, and I just remember I had this legendary 1h axe with nice armor penetration equipped, since normally 1h axes don’t have this and I though with my new armor it would be time to rock an appropriate weapon to go with it. :frowning:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log out safe and sound with no indication of any danger
  2. Log back in next day
  3. Start naked next to your last set respawn point
  4. No idead if that is reproduceable, I really hope not because I just crafted everything again (except for the unreplaceable armor, I am once again in just exiles hardened steel stuff)

Check your event log but once you log out your resistances stop working and you can die from being too hot or too cold. And if you are close to heat sources such as fireplace, torches, furnaces, other heat/cold sources there is that as well.

I am sorry but your items wont be returned, as you probably know by now there is no GM support on officials. Take it as a lesson and make sure next time you log out, log out naked with your stuff safely stored in a chest.

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Oh, now I get it. I opened the log and it was empty, I did not know I had to click submit in any case for it to show anything.

Well, I logged out yesterday at 17:30 and all was fine. Then from 05:10 - 05:13 today the server restarted.

At 05:23 I died from heat and at 05:55 all the stuff from my corpse decayed.

Why the f### would a server restart heat me up when I was perfectly fine during the last 9 hours before?

Thanks for the additional details, they may help the developers. Out of curiousity, where is your base located and what material is it made of?

I’m sorry you lost your stuff. but this isn’t a bug.

This is a common theme here at the forums, characters die while people are offline on the regular.
and it is considered just another set back, nothing will be replaced.

A good habit to adopt is store all your things in a chest, and sleep / log out naked.
I also tend to make sure the temperature is stable in the area I log out.

The thing is the temperature system is not a constant.
I always build with the proper temperature materials in the area for that temperature. IE no black ice in the desert etc.

good luck

The base is build from reinforced stone and tiled sloped roof. It in the valley surrounding New Asagarth, just to the northwest of the main entrance of New Asagarth.

Guess I have to accept my losses now and carry on.

Thank you for sharing this extra info. I am afraid that there is not much you can do but I think you could farm a bit of star metal the regular way now that you lost something in such a way. I don’t think it would be “cheating”.

I don’t think of it as “cheating” I frankly was just too lazy to do it. Sounds like a huge effort for next to no gain, since I can casually stroll through any NPC settlement, including New Asagarth and the Mounts of the Dead" and mow down anything that moves just with heavy epic exiles armor and a dragon bone axe. Don’t even need to bring a thrall. PvE in this game is just too easy as it is as long as you don’t fight bosses (which I could solo, but being lazy that’s what my thrall is for while I check the fridge :slight_smile: )

So crafting explosive arrows, hike all the way to nowhere, wait for a rare meteor shower just to be even more invincible? I guess I’ll have to do it now, since I intended to only use the armor myself until it’s novelity has worn out and then put it on my bodyguard thrall to have him look even more intimidating.

He’s currently using my “legacy silent legion armor” I crafted way back when it only took hardened steel rather than star metal. Need to be carefull to never lose this.

This has happened to me twice in a week now.
I log off safe and feed and watered. when i log back on my inventory, hot bar and equipped items are all missing. I emptied my gear before logging off as a habit after that. but today i didn’t have the time, so i logged off still safe and feed and all that. logged in just now and everything is missing again. now that it has happened twice in one week, this confirms a bug for me

Sorry for your loss of gear , but as stated above , the best is to log out naked with all your objects stashed in a chest/box . I never encountered myself this “bug” , but one of my clanmate (in our early times) has had a similar thing to him , (he was so mad that he contacted fc on the phone :sweat_smile: ) at this early time of the game there was another potential threat to your gear , since their answer was there is some issue when a player teleported shortly before logging off and told him that even if this was the case since the outpost he logged out off was not totaly closed (so people could also have taken his gear but was not the case ) they would not act.

also after the temperature revamp and since he built an insulated wood treehouse in the region between sepemeru , the higlands and mounds ( where it’s super hot ) , he would die everyday after loging off because of heatstrokes :thisisfine: :rofl:

from that point i log out in the most simple outfit virtual nature gave us :wink:

Yes there is, Urgent hacker find new thing
they gave back their stuff as i requested