Logging in dead with items missing (PvE in a safe place)

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Oceania

Thought I’d make a post for this since it’s the second time I’ve had it happen. Earlier I logged in straight to the respawn menu. I was at home, surrounded by thralls, just in my bedroom in the safest parts of my Official PvE base, no enemies, not hungry or thirsty.

This by itself wouldn’t have been too bad, since I could just respawn at my place, but when I got to my body, a bunch of my equipped armour was missing.

What made it even worse was that I’d been wearing Redeemed Legion armour, which is currently bugged (way too low armour value). This means that I can’t just make replacement pieces, as they’ll be much weaker.

I’m not sure if this is a known bug, but I know others who have experienced the same problem. Hope this helps-

(Edit: Check my reply below for more details. I realise that without clarification, this may come off as an inexperienced player confused about dying while offline. I’m aware that it is a game feature, but what I’m reporting here is not that.)

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log in (I’m not sure what else there is-?)

Having the character die while you’re off line is not a bug. Unfortunately it’s one of the things that can happen, from many different causes.

What did the event log say killed the character?

What material was the base made of and in what location is the base?
IE Black Ice (labeled as heat protection) in a hot biome isn’t a good idea etc.

It’s a good habit, to start logging out naked with all your gear in a container.

That much I know- I checked the event log right after and found no trace of what killed my character. It simply said “____ was killed”.

This is odd because as I mentioned, I was in a safe area, well fed and not thirsty, and surrounded by thralls. The log showed the time of death as the same time I logged in.

There was no trace of activity otherwise. And it’s not a temperature problem either, as I:

  • Have my base in the area just above New Asagarth, where you can survive naked

  • Built with stormglass and sandstone

  • Was wearing Redeemed Legion.

Aside from this, I always log off in a room that I’ve fortified (despite being in PvE - just in case) and made safe for pretty much everything I could think of. There are thralls guarding both entrances and the stairs leading up to it, and a load of them at the front door and around the gates, and none of them have moved.

The bigger problem for me is the disappearing gear. If this weren’t a bug, the whole loot bag/body would have disappeared. Instead, only my equipped armour did. The rest stayed nice and safe. I made it back to my body just less than a minute from the time of death shown in the log, and the fact that my body was there with items in the first place shows that it shouldn’t have despawned.

I also mentioned that I know others who have experienced the same issue. They log in as they have countless times before, except dead. And some items go missing. Only some.

I’m quite sure that this is indeed a bug. Thanks for the reply, though. I really should start keeping stuff in a box.

Have you logged off staying on a bed or a bedroll? If you did so, congratulations: you encountered an old bug when a bed kills you

It wasn’t on a bed or bedroll, roughly 6 foundations away from the nearest one. Could be something similar, though.

Hey @FrostyCCL5

Do you remember where your death tomb was located when your character died? Was there a server restart in between when you logged out and back in?

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Oh hello!

It was a little before the server restart (slightly more than an hour)
The I vaguely remember seeing the tomb icon where my room should be. The body was just a few seconds from where I respawned, so I didn’t actively check on the map for it.

It happened in my room on some foundations not too far above the ground level. Next to the water at the very top left of G10.

The disappearance doesn’t seem to happen upon more normal deaths (except earlier my best horse and thrall got kind of stuck and all three of us died, and the saddle disappeared while the body remained - but that’s probably not related).

Thanks for the response again, though. Looking forward to the armour fix so I can start making replacements and sets for thralls, haha.

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Thanks for the additional information :slight_smile:

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Go to the location, hold down CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-L, and then use CTRL-C to copy the displayed TeleportPlayer command displayed.

It should look something like the following:
TeleportPlayer 51881.242188 11913.509766 806.966187

Hold down CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-L again to turn it off.

Got it, I’ll try that. Thanks!

Also @Ignasi - one last little question.
Today I ran into the weirdest one so far, but I’m not sure if it’s even been observed before. This was on a friend’s account and computer but I was there when it happened. Logged in dead inside the Midnight Grove (Jhebbal Sag dungeon). We did many naked runs through the area up to the first boss to reclaim the stuff but couldn’t find anything, so the body may be even further in.

The weird part is it shows that he died of thirst four times in a matter of seconds- barely even 5 seconds apart each time. This was while logged off (I saw his sleeping body on my account). The fifth time, the event log simply showed that he was killed. That was the death inside the dungeon.

Completely stumped by this one. Is there anything to explain it?

Edit: attaching another example where he dies of hunger on another occasion

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Thanks again for the additional information.


Thanks for all the replies.

Also I wanted to say that these are in no way complaints (I see complaints around a lot, just thought I’d mention it in case). Thanks for all the work around here and off!

There’s nothing much aside from bases that’s too hard to regain anyways, so we’re not very bothered by any items lost. I thought it just might turn out to be useful information somewhere.

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