Logged in after 3 days and found my character without items at all

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe

I logged in after just three days of inactivity and found my character on a different location (than I had logged out) without any items at all!

After checking the event log, it says that all missing items expired in loot bag.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log out
  2. Wait three days
  3. Log in
  4. Everything missing and character spawn on different location than logout

Hey @barbolis

Welcome to our community and sorry for the frustration.
It is quite possible that your character died while you were offline, either due to wildlife, other players or environment.
We’d recommend stashing your loot in a safe box before logging out to prevent situations like this one.


Hello, it happened again after just some hours of being logged out.

Both times I logged out while being inside a safehouse and I play on a pve server so I cannot understand why my character would die from any of those things.

Also please keep in mind I lost everything, not just loot but armor weapons and everything.

I just remade two expensive armors that initially lost, among many things, and now everything disappeared again.

I don’t think that the way this game is meant to be played is by stashing everything before logging out, especially in a pve server …

Second time the same thing happens, it’s an obvious bug and I would expect some sort of compensation… This is not a free to play game, it comes with a cost not only for the original game but also for the dlcs.

Please, if this is not the appropriate channel for such kind of complaints, suggest me a way to properly file a report and request a compensation.


I think you’re missing the point that death can occur offline due to a variety of things. Just because you “cannot understand why your character would die” does not mean that it was a bug, but perhaps a legitimate game mechanic that you’ve not learned yet. Sorry to sound pedantic.

Maybe floating this thru the player-helping-player channel might help? Lots of folks there are very helpful, might ID the cause of your missing items.

Did you log out near a window? :wink:


you probably died because of temperatue, you can die offline of cold or heat, depending what armor you wear when you disc and where you are.

when you log off perk 3 of vitaly do not work, so… put your stuff in a chest before log out


Did you have full shelter buff when you logged out? What were you wearing? Where is your safe house located? Are there any heat sources around the place you logged out - furnaces, fireplace, cooking stations, braziers, etc. Did you log out near a window?

As others pointed out, it is safe to log out naked because the world doesn’t stop when you log out and you can still die and lose everything.

There is a saying: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


I had full shelter when logged out, both times.
Was wearing the Khitan imperial armor set.
The base where the bug occured both times is located near Bjornar’s Stand.
No heat sources around me at all. Not logout out near a window.
I play the game for about two months and this is the first time ever that such a thing happens.
Additionally, we are two players in the clan, we build this base together but this issue happens only to my character (while wearing the same armor and practically following the same patterns for logging out).
I do not understand why you try to make this a mistake from my side …

Are you suggesting that Funcom is trying to fool users in any way? There is another saying as well: There is not a second chance for a first impression.

*PS: Yesterday I logged out while naked on a snowy area and today I logged in and everything was in place, no death and all items in place …

I do not think they try to lay the mistake on you, they ask to make sure that you did not make a mistake. Only if a mistake on your side (and there are many that could be made) is out of the question, then it is probably a bug.

Or in other words, they ask for the needed details that you left out of your original report :wink:


Thank you very much for your reply.

I will gladly provide any information needed and I am sorry if I sounded frustrated but I do not think that comments like the one from Narelle can help. I don’t think that any of us players should be worried of getting fooled.

In any case, I am new to this game and the forum and I will try my best to provide helpful comments and information.

If additional information, screenshots, logs or anything else is needed in order to resolve the issue (meaning that being able to logout without being afraid to lose everything due to a bug), I will be happy to provide you with.

As you can understand, losing 4 sets of exceptional epic armor, star metal and obsidian tools, legendary daggers, telith’s sorrow and much more can be quite frustrating as the materials needed to craft them require a lot of work and farming. I would expect that, at least when playing on an official server, there are measures in order to identify issues caused by bugs and provide the affected players with the items that have been lost (this is my idea of compensation).
I can also provide character name and Official server name if this is needed.

Is there any way into the base by which animals, NPCs, or monsters could have entered? Just because it’s PvE doesn’t mean that you can’t be killed by another player leading a monster into your base and then standing over you to let the enemy’s attacks damage you. If you are logging out near a thin wall, it’s even possible that a world boss might be able to damage you from the other side.

At least the second time it happened (it should be the case for the first time also but the second time I tried to be extra cautious), I locked my self (meaning that I closed the door behind me) in a small room away from any heat sources.
The only creatures that I’ve seen near the base are some gazelles and nothing more, there are not world bosses there either.
Generally speaking, there is no way for an npc or animal to enter the base. The official sever is #1005 and the base is located near Bjornar’s Stand, it covers up from a grass area to a snow area of the map.
I also have screenshots from the event log where it states that my items have decayed in the lootbag but there is no information about any death.

How do gas orbs / gas arrows work on PvE? Can those hurt or kill other players (I play PvP, I honestly don’t know). I guess it might be possible that someone has kited a relic hunter demon-fire orb thrower to you. But if they did that, I expect that you would also see damage on your structures as well (maybe, PvE rules depending?).

You mentioned that you have a clan mate. Is it possible that your clan mate is messing with you while you are logged off?

While it is definitely annoying - logging out naked with all of your stuff in a box is definitely the way to go. I know that many in PvP will operate this way. But perhaps until you can get to the root of the issue, you should do this also.

In PvE, the only NPC attacks that can hurt a structure are those from NPCs spawned by the Purge. So a Relic Hunter throwing orbs would only damage a player, and not their structure unless that Relic Hunter was from a purge.

As for orbs thrown by another player, those won’t affect you in PvE. Lord knows I’ve been to enough purges where people are spamming gassy arrows and while I might not be able to see, I’ve certainly never died to them. :wink:

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Thanks for the replies.
No my clan mate is not messing with me, there is also nothing in the log that could indicate something like that.
For my case I don’t think that anything (NPCs with orbs or anything, animals etc.) is able to reach me inside the base. I cant even imagine how someone could kite a relic hunter all the way up to Bjornar’s Stand!

Also, in PvE from what I have seen so far, not even sandstorms affect you while being offline.

It is pretty disappointing losing all your stuff twice due to a bug, more disappointing being called a fool over it, and even more disappointing that it does not seem that Funcom actually cares or has a plan to correct such issues…

Anyway, I will try to always put my stuff in a box before I log out but I will also consider requesting a refund from Steam, at least for all the DLCs I have purchased.

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Hello, you are correct in pve you can log anywhere( minus lava etc) and nothing can kill you. In september alot of patches have been stated as being fixed so give a bit more time op.

I mean no disrespect, but it’s really hard to understand the justification for a “refund”.

Most of the people responding to you here are other players with vast experience in the game that are trying to help you learn what’s causing this. They are not Funcom employees.

You’re describing a bug that does not seem to be happening to anyone but you. That hardly sounds like a game-bug, if it were wouldn’t there be a ton of people complaining of the same thing?

Similarly, nobody is saying that it isn’t a bug, folks are just trying to rule out other possibilities.

You seem to take offense to the suggestion that there might be something you’re doing that is causing this result. Nobody is trying to “blame” you, we are trying to Help you. Nobody at all has called you a fool, everyone is trying to support you and help you through this process.

Please do not take offense. Nobody is dumping on you or being negative in any way. You’re experiencing something seemingly unique…which does not really fit the qualities of a game-wide bug. Everyone here that’s responding wants you to enjoy the game.

Are you near a Furnace? A firebowl? A campfire? stove? As far as I know, this still cause elevated temperatures, and these can if I’m not mistaken still cause you to die when not logged in (or sometimes during the log-in process if the heatstroke is severe). The armor you say you’re wearing makes you susceptible to high temperature.

What does the event log say? Are you appearing at your bed or in the desert?

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No problem, you are not disrespectful in any way.

I would like to clear that I was redirected here from a steam support link where I was looking a way to file a report.
Later on understood that actually here most, if not all, the replies came from players that want to help out.
I am very grateful to all of you (players) for your help and suggestions.

Let me place below a couple of indicative posts here on the forum describing similar issues with mine:

The only comment or part of a comment that offended me was the one with the quote about fooling someone once or twice, I think you will agree that it was not appropriate and also keep in mind that at that point I was under the impression that I was talking with Funcom employees.

Besides that, I think that bugs cannot only occur game-wide affecting a vast number of players and these type of bugs should not be the only ones to be taken care off.

You are right about the armor but I was very careful as to not log off near any sort of heat source (furnace, firebowl, fireplace etc.). The place where the base is located is way up north, half on the forest and half on the snow. As for the event log it clearly states that all items decayed in lootbag but there is no entry regarding any death and the way it occurred. Both times it happened I appeared in a bed on a different base (where I had the bed spawn point). When the incidents occured the only spawn point I had was this bed, I had no bedroll anywhere else.

If there is a proper channel in order to directly communicate with Funcom support please provide this information if you would like.

Again, no offense taken and thank you and everyone else for you efforts to help me out. :slight_smile:

It might be good to know, in regard to death by temperature, that a fireplace radiates heat in a cylinder. I was once near death from heatstroke in my room, because of two fireplaces 2 stories below(!) my room.
2 stories each 2 walls high, that is :wink:

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I was thinking a temperature death, also. Heat death or cold death. Did not really think that was possible or likely near Bjorner’s Stand.

Do you have like ten furnaces that you light up before you log out? Cause that could certainly do it. I have three furnaces that I occasionally have running, and if I am standing by those, it will take me to Extremely Hot even in the regular medium or heavy armor in a normally temperate climate location.

Make sure that you aren’t logging out near campfires, fireplaces, or furnaces. Or some of the light source braziers.

Thank you very much for your suggestions guys :slight_smile:

Yes, heat sources on other floors of the base do exist and the distance from where I logged is around 2 stories or 4 walls high so this could be a possible reason especially with the Khitan heavy armor.

Although the character heat indicator was either “soothing” or neutral at the time of log off, changes in lets say switch on/off a fireplace or furnace etc. might caused this issue even though still sounds kinda weird :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again.

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