Died while offline with nothing mentioned in my logs. How to submit support ticket?

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I logged in to find that I am dead inside my shelter. It does not say how I die. Nobody has broken in and there are no windows. I am dead and everything I had on me is gone. My husband plays more than I do, so I know for a fact nobody has come inside and attacked me. We’re both confused about where my body went. The logs don’t say anything.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. I logged in and discovered I was dead.

Floydwick, welcome to the forums where you can get answers, some of which you may not like, sorry. Thank you for giving us the information requested; well written for a first time user :slight_smile:

There are several reasons you can die while offline; you already covered one. The other has to do with temperature since hot or cold increase thirst or hunger and you slowly starve or dehydrate to death. That’s what happens most of the time and the best we can offer is to store all equipment near your bind point when you log off.

I cannot answer the question about the event log, since our private server removes our bodies when we log off. I have not experienced it and you cannot change the behaviour since you use an official server.

The probable reason you cannot find your corpse (the one with all your gear) is that there are limitations as to how long they last. The first is time; if memory serves it is 20 minutes until your original gravestone is gone. The second is multiple deaths; the system only saves three gravestones. Still, you should see your most recent if you died multiple times.

I should note that inexplicable deaths have been reported before. If it is truly a bug, it’s so random and seldom I find it difficult to imagine the devs being able to track it down.

This is where others can chime in with more advice/counsel, but to prevent loss should this happen again, we suggest you do what I mentioned above: store all equipment near your bind point when you log off.

Sorry for your loss !



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