Dying while offline after server reset

Game mode: Online Official
**Type of issue:**Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: America

I’m experiencing a bug where while I’m logged off, the server shuts down around 5am local time (CST for me) and I die as a result. I’m in my base when I log off. Should be safe. Naturally, as corpses do, about half an hour later (according to event logs) everything I was carrying decays and I now can’t get it back. Event log does NOT show a death occurring. This has happened twice and it’s getting really frustrating since I typically have a few items on me that were challenging to collect. I’m going to be removing all of my items each time I log off from now on in order to keep this from happening again, but is this a known issue? I browsed the forums briefly and couldn’t find anything similar.

Depends on the location of your base. If it’s in very cold or very hot climate, then yes it’s a known issue.

Mikey, you are correct like 99%, but this one is the left over 1%.

Yes. If the base is at extreme temperatures/locations, it causes the toon(s) to die. However, as Sastrike pointed out, it happens on loading the toon again.
Me and a clanmate had the same happen - but outside of that time, when the client controlling that toon crashed. At that exact time the body fell apart right on falling unconsious.
There IS a bug with falling unconsious (and we do so both when logging out and when the server starts up again).

Clan member died during crash

I have no clue what causes this to happen though. Since it tends to happen with the player not being online at all, it seems to be… serversided? :astonished:

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Yeah could well be another bug related to logout/logon, I wouldn’t know. Anyway, annoying as it is it’s almost always safest to place anything you REALLY don’t want to lose in a chest before doing so.

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