Died at home while offline

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Online Official
Type of issue: [Enter one of the following: Bug
Server type: [Enter one of the following :PvE
Region: EU server 1008

Die at home, with no reason, lost all inventory.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Died at home while offline
  2. safe area inside, no windows, pve server
    3.all inventory lost, item disappear i dont know when happen.

Hey @Ayok76

Could you check the event log and see what could’ve happened to your character while you were offline?
We’d recommend depositing all inventory and valuables in a nearby chest or container before logging out to prevent similar issues in the future.

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Usualy i do, but make no sense the one i forgot lost all…
Will check, but naked in my bedroom there is nothing can kill me i think.

If it is a small room or you were near a wall, enemies can clip through the wall to hit you.


If there are no windows, you could have been affected by temperature. I’m noticing a more pronounced temperature affect by building materials since the last patch or two. Is you material the correct material for your region? If not you could overheat or freeze while offline.


Did not pay much attention on posts regarding dying offline, but really?

I don’t know if you need more info but this is what I can offer from my yesterdays event:
(12.6.2019, #1004, PVE)

server start: 6.16.13
lootbags (from my inventory) lost: 6.53.12

logout location description:
Base near mounds of the Dead.
black ice foundation with khitan carpets
Building full Yamatai. Has windows, doors closed.
There is a fireplace in near vicinity of said location. I that armor set I can get to “very hot” if really close.

Wearing at that time: Flawless Epic Khitan Captain (all but the helmet)

Note1: I know the routine (not first time), I just forgot to put my stuff into a box
Note2: I have loged off on that location several times wearing different heat or cold resist armors.

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Two things that I can see, but I’m not the expert. When you’re offline, you don’t get the temperature benefits from your armor, if I remember correctly. And fireplaces seem to be overheating people very quickly lately. At least that’s what me and my friends were noticing last night.

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Well, I have some hours playing, but I do not count myself to “expert” group either.
From what I have known, and just tested: wearing neutral or nothing on that location, the temperature bar is in the middle. Outside, inside, near fireplace, never even gets to hot/cold warning.

I have always presumed that on PVE, your dead or offline body would be untouchable by player or environment (beyond the dead body decay timer)

Also presumably there is noone around that knows how to exploit the loot body on pve (no details given, few details known, never tried, but the way I got to know this, that exploit is VERY common knowledge)


Yes, it’s a common exploit and a rather mean one, IMHO. I also play on official PVE and not having my body looted is one of the attractions. Or should be; but such is life.

Yes on PVE, we are immune from other players, but we are not immune from the rest.

Just to confirm being on same page: the quote is for being online only. While offline, the body is untouchable (in theory)?

Nope sorry for the confusion. When offline we can still be affected by temperature and the buffs related to temperature from fireplaces, torches, buildings, etc. Also if we die our loot bags will decay.

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Enemies can still clip through the wall and hit you.

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True, but Ayok listed PVE as play. Good point though to remember when logging out. My wife managed to log off with her head sticking through the wall of the first floor of our main tower. Had it been a PVP server, she would have been toast.

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PVE is what I am talking about. I have had crocodiles sticking through a solid wall all the way to about their front legs and bite me on the butt.

I was all the way inside a structure with 4 walls, a full foundation, a closed door, an enclosed roof, and the PVE enemies were still able to poke through the walls and attack me.

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Sorry, I misunderstood. That’s no good. Thankfully my wife’s head although sticking out, was in the middle of our fortified base. So she was safe. I didn’t even think about a croc walking by and just going chop chop…

So … if your wife’s head was sticking out of the wall, where was the rest of her and what was she doing?




Thankfully this isn’t the Sims or there could be little Conans… or she might just have been logged out.


My clanmate died offline safe in his base last night too. We’re on an Official PvE and his base is high off the ground on the crag at the river peninsula in F7 – absolutely no chance of a spider, croc etc. clipping thru a wall.

His base is 100% Aquilonian, and he was wearing Flawless Epic Yamatai Demon armor like he always does. I’ll have to check the event log next time I’m online to see if there’s anything interesting.

Needless to say, he was rather upset about losing Lovetap, Predatory Blade, and several other prized possessions. Unlike myself, hes’ a family man and his play time is much more limited so these are not easily replaced.

EDIT: OK so here’s the event log. Looks like it killed him less than an hour after he would have logged out last night (6/12), wtf?!

If the death cause wasn’t a player or NPC, it could likely have been temperature related.
Death due to overheating while sleeping happens more frequently than not due to players sleeping close to heat sources, and do note that base location and foundations also play a role in this.

Besides putting all your equipment and inventory in a chest, it’s also a good idea to check if your character is experiencing any temperature effects before logging out.

Ideally, if you are able to reproduce this issue consistently, please share the location, a few screenshots of the area and position to logout, and any detailed steps to take, so that we can share this data with the QA team for further investigation.

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