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Hey, i am playing on xbox official server #2004 PvE. i logged out as usual in my home, 4 or 5 days ago. now i come online, spawing in my bed, all my stuff gone and it says i died. WTF!?! my eventlog just says that i was killed a few hours after server (re)started. everything i had is gone… 3armor sets, legendary weapons and masks like night-stalker, yoggite chosen mask and mask of witchdoctor, riptide, lovetap, FINAL BREATH OF THE RED MOTHER (AHHHHHHHHHHH), and all my tools…

how is that possible… ?
my lootbag decayed of course since i was offline… there is no way to get my stuff back right? plss say there is… ;(((((

there are so many bugs in that game, thats why i didnt play that much the last months, and now all my stuff is gone too? how can you expect people to play your game when it is so frustrating to play…

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So you’re on PVE, and on an official server? Hmm…

Did you fall asleep in an area that is normally extra cold or extra hot?

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@Rastigan, I am sorry, but your stuff is gone.

As for your death while offline: You can die due to environment even while offline. You can die from overheating or cold for example, if your base is in those extreme locations, or if you log near a heat source.

General advice by players and devs:
Before you log off, put everything (inventory, gear, armor) in a chest.

I guess many of us learned that the hard way :roll_eyes:

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pvE and official, yes

no perfect temperatures, have been there for more than a year now, never had problems with temperature. telith’s island, not to far north in the cold and not near enough to the desert to be hot

i am not an newbie in this game, played since beta. i know that i wasnt cold or hot or anything and i never had problems with that. i log out in the same spot every time.

You probably died of hunger, you know right that you can die of hunger if you don’t log in every 2 days, right? that’s why private servers have the configuration of “offline thirst and hunger”.

What I want to say is: Do not trust your temperature status while you play.

Something similar happened to me some time ago. A base near mounds, proper armor, temperature right in the middle, log out indoors. Also did not have any issues for many months, yet on one occasion it happened.

Did you log off near heat sources ? Heat sources could be: Furnaces, Cauldrons, every kind of torch, fireplaces.
Which armor did you wear before you died? Was it cold or heat resistance? Flawless or normal?

Also like @q9c9p already said: hunger

@SirDaveWolf armor without temperature bonuses, and NO, no heatsource. like i said, i logg out there every time and never had a problem. even if i go to that place right now, perfect temperature, WITH soothing bugg active of course

if i cant trust my temperature status than thats a bug and shoudnt happen years after release. that makes it even worse

@q9c9p since when is that i thing? i never loose hunger/thirst while logged out. even when i logg out for days. im always on 100% when i logg back in. would have died hundreds of times if that would be a thing, at least not on my official server i am playing on.

@UltraViolent what is that supposed to mean? if you want to be toxic, do it somewhere else.

Also no home extensions with potential heat sources? Like below or above the location you log out? :smiley:

And keep in mind, that you lose all your perk buffs when logging out on the next server restart. So the 20 Vitality perk stops working then.

I am playing on Xbox/Official. But this I cannot confirm. When I log off & in some days later the hunger/thirst bar did not change very much. My buildings decay before I starve. But I never log of with less the 50% hunger/thirst. The last 30% seem to go down dramatically faster.

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i have the same base for far over year now, logging out in the same spot as always. NO heat source, NO temperature problem,NO resistance on armor, NO hunger/thirst loss for days while logging out, NEVER died before, ok? that cant be the problem.

and like @ZevLexx, i never log out with hunger under 100% since i always put my food in the fridge and eat to 100% hunger before i go log out

Since always, by default is at 0.5 when you are offline, so it’s barely noticeble.

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well not for me on my server, like i said, i have been offline for a few days often, never lost hunger/thirst, and NEVER died offline. and when youj say its barely noticeble: my base is still standing so i havent been offline for far too long

edit: just tested it, on my old officiall sever where is did not log in for years,base ofcourse gone but my character is still alive. no hunger/thirst loss in more than a year

That is no true. Left the game for about 6 months and came back and my charscter was at the exact location i left him, next to braga in the mounds. Lost everything that was not in my inventory but my character was alive and well. This was on official too. Temperature is the only way i know you can die offline

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Your character wasn’t in game. You left before the body vault patch I assume.

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There is a hunger/thirst bug that occasionally happens, but is very rare.

You log off. But the game keeps draining your hunger/thirst as if you were still standing there.

Experienced this once before when I logged off with full hunger/thirst in max shelter. Signed in the next day with a good chunk of it missing.

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Sometimes when I’m offline for too long, I feel like I’ve died…

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If you own a private server and have a look at all the settings you’ll notice that there are settings for thirst & hunger while a) being active, b) being idle, c) being offline.
On my private server these were 1 / 1 / 1 at the first start (I do not know whether or not these are the same settings on an official server). But it seems to be possible to die due to hunger or thirst while being offline.

that would be really mean if they could kill me with the heat of torches Oo but i dont think so, torches alone, especially from outside cant make enough heat for me to die.