Unconscious body died after restart while logged in a safe location

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

Logged out safely in my base. Five hours after logging out, the server restarted. Ten minutes after restart the log shows that multiple items (that were on me) expired in a loot bag. I have a picture of the log, but cannot post because I’m a new forum user. Lost many many hours of gameplay from this bug, very frustrating.

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@Manglurr, good report, better than most new users, and I’m sorry for your loss.
I would ask …
In general, where is your base? North, mid, or south? Due to temperature effects, you can actually die from thirst or hunger if you get too cold or too hot. Apologies, but I cannot assume that yesterday was different.

@Ignasi can upgrade your privileges so you can post the picture, or if you have access to external, public storage you can actually paste the URL and change HTTP to HXXP, thus fooling the system.



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Thank you, I was in the north, however was wearing double cold resist armor. I can only assume that after restart my armor wasn’t registering?

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I’m not sure exactly what the Event Log would say about that, perhaps …
Player died of thirst
But not
Player died from cold

Off the top of my head, after a few minutes of inactivity where are you with temperature, hot/cold?

If cold, fireplaces work wonders when you find the right location, or all four corners and strip.

Good luck !


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I can be naked in my base with no extreme hot or cold, the log doesn’t even state that I died. Just that my loot bag (what was on me) expired.

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Happened again on next server restart btw

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You play on official, and pvp.

Maybe somebody killed you ?
Also you don’t mention where this is. In extreme cold, your char my die due to cold. Same for extreme hot.
Still same here, only the loot-bag will be let behind, and showed in the log.

Sure, log could give more infos here, i totally agree, would be more helpfull to know why you died, than that the f… lootbag decayed again.
Maybe log out with a friend around to see what happens ? Or change location for test.

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It has happened 5 times now, immediately after server restart. So it is very re-creatable.

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Hey @Manglurr

We’re aware of this issue but we have not been able to reproduce it internally in a consistent way. Could you let us know the coordinates of where this is happening to you so we can send it to QA?
On the meanwhile, as a temporary workaround, some players suggested to drop all your belongings on a chest when logging out.
Thanks for your feedback and welcome to our community.

I’d also suggest adding what type of building material your base was at those co-ordinates Eg sandstone, insulated wood ceiling tiles, black ice foundations. And do you have any temperature increasing or deceasing placeables near you (Eg fireplace)

It’s been long suspected by the community that when we log off and our unconscious body stays on the server that the temperature resistance / protection provided by our attributes and our armor stops …
and our body is treated as if it is naked with 0 points in any attribute and the server continues to apply the temperature affects to our unconscious body as it we were still ingame …
hence logging out in a temperature extreme area cold or hot where you would get frost-bite or heat stroke that deals you damage if you were naked and had just reset attribute points to zero results in your avatar dying whilst you are offline.

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