Dying outside of PVP hours inside your base

Game mode: Online Official Server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU Server 1127

So I am bringing this bug up again because it hasn’t been addressed. Here is the last series of posts made about said bug.

So the remaining issue is, when you log off in the Volcano or the Tundra, and the server restarts you die. I believe when the server restarts you lose the benefit of your armour and the Vitality perk Impervious - All temperature effects are diminished, resulting in you gaining heatstroke/Frostbite and dying. Your equipment and body vanish after a short while. Then you log back on later and your body and stuff are gone for ever.
Now this also happens if you are wearing the wrong type of armour when you log off. For instance. If you have cold armour and you log off in a hot environment. You might be just very hot when you log out. But when the server restarts you die. Because the perk that kept you from dying stopped working and you once again die to heatstroke/frostbite.

Here is a picture of our Event log from last night. Alyssa logged out in Cimmerian armour in our desert base. Would have been very hot when she logged out no doubt. Server restarted and it killed her shortly after, and all her stuff vanished due to decay.

This has to be addressed. We are dying from this on and off when we don’t have time to get undressed, put all our items in a chest before logging off for the night.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log off in the Volcano or Tundra.
  2. Wait until server restart
  3. Die and watch your body and things decay before you can log back on and retrieve your stuff.

Can confirm that behaviour partially when logging of in the right armor in the cold biome. Happened every day to me until i moved south :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes this bug is well known, effects many, and has been around for months. I recall it being introduced 1 or 2 patches after launch when temperature stuff was improved. Above is a very good explanation for it.

There is also a possibly related bug. Happened to me 2 days ago and it happens for others…

You log off where there are NO weather extremes… there is no indication that you died. There is no building access or chance someone looted. Your war paint and all equipped and inventory items are gone. Nothing shows in log.

Any chance of a dev saying it is indeed being worked on? Dying while off line isn’t fun, and this isn’t even due to pvp!

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