Died off line outside PVP hours in the volcano while logged out

I logged out around midnight last night and logged in this morning at 7am GMT approx, only to find myself naked and all my gear and equipment is gone. Why did I die while offline in my closed off base? The only thing I can think of is people still suffer from food and weather conditions even while logged out safely? I would assume everyone would die from hunger and thirst if not logged in for days/weeks at a time but I don’t believe this is the case. Surely this must be a bug?

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Yes, you die of hunger in the North. In the Highlands I always eat and drink before logging out, and when I log in my hunger and thirst meters are not full. In the North you need MUCH more food and drink when you are logged in and when you’re offline too, so it’s not a good idea to have main base there.

Temperature can be a big offline killer. Although I do think its buggy.
I have sometimes logged on nude in the desert after logging off in cold resistant armor in an insulated wood house at sepermeru… But only sometimes.
I have never died of thirst or hunger offline that I know of though.

Yeah nothing should affect you while you are sleeping / logged off, except by a mace to the face maybe.
I can’t think of a possible exploit aswell that would be beneficial enough to log in and out all the time to reset temperature. You die way too fast by heatstroke or freeze especially before the game is fully loaded.

I was well fed and i keep my water full always with Ice and Water before logging off in the volcano. My temp was hot as I use flawless medium armour. I find it strange as to why someone would die to conditions as if I were logged into the server. You’re essentially having to work full time to keep yourself from not dying and not losing your stuff.

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I now have a go box that I use. I put my entire inventory in before I log off and equip it all after I log on.


I’ve two main bases, one in the volcano and another by the Outcast Camp up north. This has happened in both locales, but consistently in the volcano. I too have taken to sleeping in the nude. It’s safer that way. (Although I do wear pajamas (light armor) in the volcano, only sleeping where there is full shelter. I will still die if I take too long to log back on.)

Yeah, I had some problems last week due to this, full shelter, decent gear, still died when i logged off for about an hour in the volcano zone. Corpse is either invisible or poofed. So from now on I will keep a cupboard near the bed just for my worn items…tired of replacing everything due to missing corpses. These are the kind of bugs that ruin games.


This has JUST happened to me. I had a huge amount of building resources on me, and it was late, so just logged out in my Volcano base. Log on now, naked next to my bed on the other side of the world. No death marker, no break-ins, nothing in the log. Got back to the Volcano base to find NO corpse and of course the thousands of building items gone. And when I mean thousands. I mean I had enough resources on me to make over 2,000 T3 Foundations. As I was expanding a base, but got tired. So I have lost dozens of hours of farming this stuff, for what? Because of this games MANY bugs. I was in heat resistant kit, had just drank from the well and ate before logging out. I am sick to death of this game!

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Sorry to read you are another. I think some areas of the map are completely broken, the cano especially. The game thinks you’re still logged in when in fact you’re not. I always strip to my bare back side when in cano and i cant be bothered to go back to my base. As i know 100% i will die in cano logged out.

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