Death after log out in the volcano map

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Type of issue: Bug
Server type: | PvE
Region: EU

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  1. Log out from the volcano (in our case in the base we builded there)
  2. When log in the next day, the char is dead we show up in our bed in main base, and we lose all equipement. No grave to recover

We think the ambient effects of the volcano (hot temperature) continues and the char dies.
As more than 30 minutes passed, no grave to recover.

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  1. Did you build your base out of one of the materials that protects against heat (e.g. Reinforced Stone, Frontier, Aquilonian, Yamatai), or was it built out of an insulating material (e.g. Black Ice, Khitan)?
  2. Was the character wearing gear that protects against heat, cold, or balanced?
  3. Did the character have the 2nd Vitality perk, “Impervious”, which reduces the effect of extreme temperatures?
  4. What kind of light-sources and other heat-generating items were near where the characters logged-out (e.g. furnaces, torches, etc)?
  5. Were and glowing torches used to help mitigate the heat?
  6. When in the area where you logged out, how full was the Shelter icon?

AFAIK, dying of climate-related effects isn’t a bug but intended design. Just as you have to build a home in the Frozen North with enough warmth to not freeze to death, you have to construct a volcano base to mitigate the heat.

IME, giving respect to those 6 points listed above allows you to logout in the volcano with no ill-effects.

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Thank you for the info.

The point is:

  1. Before the last patches, we NEVER died at the volcano after log out. We log in and the char status was the same.

  2. I disconected and a clan member see my body disappeared and no grave.

  3. Our base is made with the first tier, and we don’t know if protects against heat or cold, but who cares, it gives shelter anyways.

Something is wrong, because log out means the status is saved, and char cannot change state.
Log in after that, must resume status.

Me and a clan member, lost EVERYTHING including a flawless armor (that was hard to build)

Now we put everyting in a large chest before log out to prevent this, including log out in our main base in the Vanir territory.

Anyways, i’ll be good if this mechanic is checked.

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The mechanic is working as intended i believe. Not to say you may have a bug where it is working too well.

Your body stays in game on officials. (Except on broken Highway, where if you have no inventory, no armor, and no hot bar items, then it will disappear)
T1 offers none or very little temp protect as far as i know.
They nerfed the 3rd health perk, so your regen doesn’t counter the extreme affect.
Might still work, but logging off in a mitra fountain/large well used to protect one in the heat.
Also, furnaces/firebowls in a mass amount will create large heat spikes, and being near it can cause heatstroke even in silent legion.

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