Dying while Offline

Game mode: PVE Official Server #3508
Problem: Character Dying while being offline and losing all items
Region: G10-ish Highland area

After I got done playing conan about 3 days ago I got off and wasn’t able to get back online for a couple days (for one reason the server wasn’t up) another reason was because of work/personal life. So I finally got on today to start checking my bases and refresh the inactivity timers and I log on to being Naked, both literal and Inventory wise. I went to check the Event log to find out what happened and about 30minutes after I logged off my character died. Event log doesn’t show HOW I died so honestly it’s speculation as to what happened. My guess is due to either hunger or thirst after my logout. It is quite aggravating to lose items that were hard grinned in Unnamed City and other hard grinned items such as the new legendary tools and the Mask of the Witch Doctor. I’m not sure why after logging off with full thirst and hunger while lying on my bed got me killed. I went to my bed and checked the event log at 10 proximity to confirm that that was the location of where my items were destroyed. I would think that a successful log out my character wouldn’t be in harms way of any kind but i guess NOTHING is safe in this game. I know the default reply if a mod responded is gonna be “Sorry for the inconvenience but we recommend you place all belongings inside a chest to prevent a situation like this from happening” but when you lose such difficult items to obtain, you lose the willpower to even continue. I’ve had a lot of patience when it comes to all the bugs and glitches and disconnects but at this point…I don’t think I can continue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Really dont know how to reproduce it.

Were you in a “full shelter” status? If your bed is not in a full shelter then sandstorm can kill you, and your thirst and hunger meters run much faster when you’re offline. Is temperature OK inside your base? Uncomfortable climate speeds up those meters too. Do not be so frustrated. Next time just put all of your belongings into some locked chest before going offline from server.

Yes it has full shelter status. I dont have to worry about sandstorms in the Highland area. Just a bit ago a friend and I was on the server and he went to check on a different server because of what happened to me and while he was on the other server I saw his character still standing holding a torch. So at this point I’m guessing its a bug going around so if anyone DOES read this…I guess put all stuff into your chests so the same thing doesnt happen to you.


If you are like me we have put too much time in to quit now. I know it is a pain.

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