Logging in Dead ( fully sheltered inside base )

Oceania 1953

for the past week I have been logging in to the game and my character is dead while inside my base fully sheltered and says I was killed by myself?

some days i have logged in soon enough to have not died but looks as though i have been taking damage. i do not leave fires going so am not overheating or freezing.

looks as though my food and water is meters are ticking down when i am logged out!?!?!?! wtf.

Does @Funcom read these things?

spoke to another player and they have been having the issue also, both of us are experienced players on Conan exiles

When you logout, does it show you as fully sheltered? In other words, the “house” icon is completely white? Depending on the building design, it’s possible the game can still think you’re exposed to the elements even if you’re inside. Also, IIRC buffs that actively mitigate temperature effects aren’t factored in when your character isn’t logged and it’s possible sandstorms could still affect you if you’re in a region where they occur and you’re not fully sheltered.

Also, just so you’re aware, even if you turn off fireplaces they will automatically relight after the morning server restart.

In addition to the points raised by @Megaton238, do you log out on a bed? If so, can you try logging out next to it instead?


Thanks for the reply, I expected to hear this but I am aware of all the ways you can be killed in this game as I have been playing since launch. I have logged on this morning and it appears that I am dying to thirst and starvation whilst logged out. This must be a bug.

Thanks for the reply, and yes i actually had been logging out on a bed looks as though my food and water levels are still ticking down when i am logged out.

Very similar to my posy back in July when i would die of hunger even though I wasn’t logged in. I now remove all weapons and armour and empty backpack before logging out

I am still having the issue as well, other players on the server are to but others say they have not had the issue. it needs to be fixed come on @Funcom please fix this.

Don’t forget to harvest your corpse.

On Xbox I logged out on my bed, next day logged back in immediately died.
Never again logging out on my bed, learned my lesson

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