Logged off in base on bed, woke up naked no inventory

This has not just happened to me, but also clan members. There is no grave marker on map so can’t retrieve armor or weapons. Bugged?

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Your character can die when you are offline.

Put all your stuff into a personal chest before logging out. (log out naked)


Sleep on the floor, I almost always die when I sleep on the bed but at least I get to harvest a goodie for one of my altars. No bed, no dead :wink:

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Never log out with inventory, armor or hot bar items. You can die 30 minutes after you log out so you’ll never recover your items. I keep a cupboard next to each bed and dump everything in it before I log out. Also, dont log out while ON the bed, its lethal. Dont log out near windows or close to walls unless you play strictly PVE.


yeah that is a bug that is over a year old. Funcom doesnt actually fix bugs. They just make new releases. If they do spend the time to fix a bug, then the lack of code control causes the old bug to be reintroduced during the next release.
I was so want to buy the Isle of Siptah but I am beyond frustrated that when they talk about bugs they fixed they are token fixes. The bugs that frustrate game play still exist.


Conan Exiles, brutal game where you have to survive monsters, harsh biomes, enemy clans, and the most dangerous of them all…THE log out.
Jokes aside, I remember playing Conan Exiles for the first time. Always stored my water skin and stone pick in a chest from day one. I knew I could die and I couldn’t care less, knowing that my stone pick is safe in a chest. :laughing:

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Yeah…that used to happen to me a lot too when I was in the Navy and
drank too much. :wink:

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Dieing while offline is not a bug. This is a survival game.

log out food, water, topped off with full shelter buff. never dead even after months off line.

@Bladesaint and @kingfu
Are you guys on a PvP or PvE-C server by chance?

dying while offline when not dying (nor taking any damage) while online in the same environment is indeed a bug. How would one possibly know you might die when you logoff when the entire time you play at that location in the same gear, you never take environmental damage? A bug is an unexpected result. So by definition that is in fact a bug. And running a different set of logic for when logged off than when logged in would not be logical nor ethical unless it is disclosed. But it’s not ever disclosed and did not work that way for a long time. Oh and here is one more way to prove it is a bug - If I log off to main menu and THEN exit, I dont die and lose all my gear. But if I exit the game I die.

Yep, same thing happened to me. Sealed in base, non-pvp hours, food & water full, in full shelter. Came back an hour later and was dead. Message said I killed myself. Siptah Island, pvp.

I’m in a clan where each person has a different type of bed. And I can tell you there is one bed that is deadlier than all of the others… the Stygian Bed (Variant A).

You sleep on this bed, there is a good chance you’ll wake up dead.

We’ve watched unconscious people simply die on this bed for no reason, as soon as they log in.
Sign in. Explode into pieces.

Nobody sleeps on this bed anymore.

Hilarious :smiley:

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