Today i woke up naked on official server?

Good morning all,

I just started Conan a few days ago, played few hours befor but never much.
I am playing on a pve server now i find in the eventlog that the server stoppd in the night and restarted and it made my drop all my loot and now all lootbags have despawned?
there was tons of stuff i cannot make myself how can i reclaim it? this is just really demotivating.


** i checkech the logs and saved them it says i hungered to dead how can this be i logged off of the game?

I usually take a bite before I logoff. Yes, there is still some duration of time after you logoff that it will still eat.

You have to logoff inside some base - shelter somehow protects from starvation, heat and cold.

And one thing to learn is to store your stuff and log out naked when playing on servers such as officials with drop on death and logged out characters staying in the world. It will save you a lot of frustration as Funcom does not provide any refunds regardless how the items were lost.

Your body remains in the world when you log off and you can die.


This is why I never use any special armour or weapons…

It was too painful losing them… :smile:

I will add also that u need to be in a fully shelrered place due to sandstorms if u at noob area…

Also all the loot u had that u cannot craft where it was obtained from???

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