Basenvernichtungsbug... ein Post... auf Deutsch. (An German Language Post)

Sehr Schade, doch.

In diesem Spiel ist die schliessliche Verrichtung deinen Karakter zu zerstören.
Wenn du dies nicht magst (wie ich) musst du Server und Datenbestand selbst verwalten.

Ich hatte das schon bei vielen Servern mittlerweile. Der Bug ist uralt und ich bin mir nicht sicher ob sich Funcom überhaupt in der Lage sieht, das jemals zu beheben.

Backups sind daher die einzigste mir bekannte “Notlösung” des Problems. Bei G-Portal ist es z.b. so, dass die Backups die die im Supportfall einspielen so alt sind, das es einfach besser ist, wenn man selbst regelmässig welche zieht und die dann eben einspielt, wenn es Not tut. Wenn man das regelmässig und konsequent macht z.b. einmal am Tag, dann verliert man max 2 Tage, sollte ein Backup fehlerhaft sein und dies ist für alle noch verkraftbar. Klar ist das nervig und auch zeitaufwendig, aber ich kann dir aus Erfahrung sagen, das es das einzigste ist, was du aktuell tun kannst für dich und deine Community. G-Portal spielt dir wenn überhaupt, total veraltetet Backups ein und von Funcom kriegst du keine Antwort. Also kann man sich nur selber helfen oder eben aufgeben.

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Meinst du via FTP die Backups erstellen?

Manchmal kann es sein, dass selbst kleine Objekte wie Teppiche, Tische, oder sogar Teller und Becher zur Stabilität mitgerechnet werden. Keine Ahnung wie das genau passiert aber bei mir ist es schon öfter passiert, dass ich ein paar Gegenstände von einer Mod (Becher, Teller usw.) auf normalen Bauteilen platziert habe, die Mod entfernt habe und dann nicht nur die Mod Sachen weg waren sondern auch die anderen Teile.

Vielleicht ist genau das selbe bei dir passiert, irgendeine Mod hat was geändert wodurch ein Gegenstand verschwunden ist, der dann alles umliegende auch gelöscht hat.

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Naja ne ganze Basis? ^^

Ne ja den kenn ich auch, keine Ahnung obs so eine Art bug war. Aber das ist wie der Bug beim Bauen. Eben jener der verhindert das der nächste Block gesetztw erden kann oder einen zufälligen Block löscht.

Ich renn immer nach dem Grundrissbau die Basis ab und stopf Löcher.

English Text: all hail

Hello Funcom,
I am angry, and no I don’t write in English because I just don’t feel like it. Why not use the Google Translator! I played on my private “Conan Exiles” server at G-Portal, with about 10 - 12 other players. I have played over 1500+ hours in this game according to Steam. I love “Conan Exiles”, rarely has a game captivated me for so long. I have also forgiven a lot of things, including bugs and update problems. But now the barrel has overflowed…
I like Howard’s world; the books, the movies, even this one Ralf Möller series, the RPG, the computer games. Speak I am a fan! Actually we are all fans, because we love to play it, and with passion!
I really put my heart and soul into the game “Conan Exiles”. Ask my players on the server. However…

On Friday, 07.08.2020, my base disappeared into thin air. Just like that, without doing anything else.
And no, this base was only built from the building elements of the main game and the DLC’s. No load-bearing construction element was made of a mod. Lost due to lack of stability. I was on the server practically every day, the building expiration settings had been disabled.
We built this base with some people in over 500+ hours of play. I myself have spent over 1200+ hours building on this server, sweating, cursing, laughing, and being the admin. I was amazed and enjoyed it. I stood for minutes in the desert, watching the sunrise… and the sandstorm, how it wobbled towards me.
I’ve been using my server for over a year without wiping, and this kind of problem has never happened.
Yes, there are about 23 mods on the server since January, like the Pippimod or Warrior Mutator. And yes, there were also structural mods like Northern Timber.
The last mod update happened on 04.08.2020, without any problems, the mods themselves have been running for six months, and the “bugs” have never caused anything that serious. There were even surprisingly few bugs caused by the mods. And often these bugs were eliminated within hours or days.

Except for Funcom’s legendary live update in July, there were never any major problems. That live update caused players to lose their characters. Servers that no longer appeared in Serverlsite. Servers that had an “Ö”, “Ä”, or “Ü” in their name were not listed for weeks. Some bugs have been fixed. Many that would be more important, but not.

On 11.08.2020 I had to stop the server and put it on ice, because this time a group of players got caught. The whole base was just gone from the clan as if it never existed. This clan had also built their base primarily with Vanilia and DLC content. All they used were Thespians from the Pippimod, and workbenches from the DungeonMaster Tool-Mod. If you now think that these players are still motivated to continue playing, then you have a real understanding problem.
If you’ve invested hundreds of hours in something, then you find it hard to motivate them to continue. It’s like one morning all your data is gone. Would you still be motivated?

And to number 3 from 14.09.2020: Again a base vanished into thin air, again a clan homeless, and everything on which a vanilla foundation stood: Arena, Aquilonic set, black ice, insulated wood, etc. Ironically, the mod foundations like those of the Northern Timber did not get it. Common error messages, same causes, not replicable, or traceable.
My players are angry, I am pissed off, and in general… I don’t think this is ready for print.

Appropos Mods: Why don’t you get those talents like Hosav or the people from the Pippi mod and give them a job? Such people would do at least two things:
A: Keep the game alive. B: Unburden yourselves. C: Create satisfaction. Oh and D: Do a fantastic job. Not that you do bad work…

I often wonder if you are still interested in this game? The last producer letter is dated 10.03.2020. I don’t want to go into the announcement of the “Isle of Siptah” DLC right now.
In the past there were roadmaps, info, etc. If you pay attention to some bugs that have been in the game for ages, you might think that this doesn’t matter at all.
Does something like that really count? That the gamer who invests his money in you is satisfied? Even if a game is over two years old?

Of course you can say it is because of the mods with this bug. However, on several mod-free servers, partly on the official servers, buildings have often disintegrated because they lost the stability of their components. So it is a known bug! One that has been around for over a year. If you google a little bit, you will find enough entries and videos on this topic.
Therefore my question to Funcom: Why don’t you fix this bug?

It is frustrating to go down the drain for hundreds of hours of work just because a company doesn’t deal with known problems. This impression is created. Conan Exiles is a great game, has so much potential. But that bugs have been around for years, come up from time to time, or simply can’t be fixed, it’s not possible.
It damages your reputation, it destroys trust. Surely you can talk your way out with the terms and conditions and the EULA, that the risk lies with yourself, but this company should be aware that nobody will buy their products in large quantities. Mistakes happen, yes, only you should eliminate them. If such a mistake would happen in the automotive industry, that accidents would happen, then the shouting would be big. Wouldn’t it?

Gamers are customers who want a faultless product. Even if bugs do occur - we forgive a lot. If you take care of the bugs, show that you care about the product, we forgive even more. But at Funcom you will notice it even more, because updates and patches are hardly or in very bad intervals of tw weeks or months.
Sure, you can say that this is too much. But when three times a bug appears in the depths of the scum that slashes the Endbos, then I ask myself: WTF?
Or you just fall through the map. Or building elements simply dissolve. Or the enemy simply dissolves or does not get any more damage. Or the flying animals in the desert. Or you suddenly die without any apparent action because the thirst/starvation indicator had been frozen for 30 minutes. There are many oders.

Finally the bug destroyed something creative where buildings, castles, dungeons, puzzles etc. were created. So to speak, I have suffered a loss as a result. Lifetime damaged or lost. By this bug. One can smile at this. But it is a symptom, which partly shows what is going wrong, partly in the whole game industry - in my opinion.

No, I won’t go into it in detail. But bug-heavy games are thrown on the market, unfinished games, etc. just to meet deadlines, just because a lot of money depends on it, or greed. But the customer plays a secondary role. He has to pay. At least that is how it seems to me. Quality is also subordinated. It’s all about sales figures. And the customer’s frustration grows. Yes, the arguments that you have to earn money are all right. But it stops when the quality is no longer right. When everything just has to go fast-fast-fast. As a customer, you think twice about spending money on a game if the company develops a worse reputation. No setting can tear that out.
If a book suddenly has three wrong pages in it, or the author simply leaves out entire contents… what are the consequences?

Dear people of Funcom. I want no apologies. I don’t want any “we’re so sorry” bullsheet either. Do your jobs. And do it well. I like your games, but the way you’ve been taking care of Conan Exiles for a year, the way you’re always talking big, I don’t see any action. None of the players wanted the live system. The problems that arose with the introduction of the system are well known.

I paid money for it. For a product that should work. Sure, there will always be bugs. But in return I expect that they will be taken care of. Even if a game is 1-2 years old. Or older. Look at the people from Owlcat Games, they delivered a 20 GB patch after almost 2 years. And even so there are many companies that still take care of their products, even if they are out of reach.
Maybe the gaming industry should stop selling games and just rent them out. Ah, won’t you become even more liable if you mess up?

I pay for a server, I have people who like to play on it and do great work. Since this bug I’m in regular contact with the server provider G-Portal. At some point we will probably sit there with coffee and cake and call each other by our first names.
But right now we are all frustrated. And sometimes we wonder if we should ever buy anything from you again. When you deliver such “crap”.
And I’m not referring to this bug now, but to all bugs since the release. We have often said, ok is a bug. Report it and it’s good. It’s bound to get fixed sometime. At some point… Other companies seem to have a better quality management system. For some games there are updates 1-2 times a week. Unfortunately this is necessary nowadays.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you all my thoughts on the whole thing here. I don’t want to. Only that one should deliver a good product. That the customer is satisfied with it. That the customer builds up trust in the company. That the gamer buys new games without hesitation, if that company brings something new on the market. That a certain quality standard is maintained. That you play something long and above all you like to play. That you live out your creativity. That one can escape from everyday life.

At the moment it is difficult for me to play Conan Exiles, because so much work has been destroyed. I find it even more difficult to trust Funcom. This time I will think longer about buying something from you. With Conan Exile I did this without hesitation.

“The more I see of what you call civilization, the more highly I think of what you call savagery!”
R.E. Howard

A frustrated man
Ghost raven

And p.s.: Corona is no excuse, as many of these bugs existed before the crisis. And the finder is allowed to keep bugs in the text.


Funcom scheisst auf Fehlerfreiheit! Das einzige was interessiert ist Geld und Bugs fixen bringt keins.

Sie tun nur das nötigste um Leute bei der Stange zu halten. Ich war selbst so dumm und hab mir das neue DLC geholt und bereue es wieder wenn ich von den schon zig Jahre alten Bugs verwöhnt werde. (Thralls fallen durch den Boden?! Ich weiss nicht wie oft die das schon “gefixt” haben. Fahrstuhl funktioniert nicht? Keine Stabilität obwohl nur Foundations benutzt wurden? Ist einfach nur Lachhaft)

Fasst es schön zusammen

Oh danke für die Übersetzung!

Ja die lieben Bugs. Kundenpflege ist echt was anderes. Vllt sollten sie mal die Grafikengine wechseln. Hmm oder: Wir kaufen ein jeder ein paar Aktien der Firma, und geben unseren Vertretern auf der Aktionärstversammlung die Aufgabe, unbequeme Bugfixing-Probleme zu stellen.

Naja gestern wieder interessanter Bug aufgetaucht: Spieler hat seinen Zugang zu seinen Sachen, Burg, Thralls usw einfach so verloren!

Rückblickend weil sich die aussagen u. erfahrungen aller spieler “leider” so ähneln: hätte mir einer vor zwei jahren gesagt kauf das game nicht und ich hätte den rat befolgt, könnt ich heute dem jenigen garnicht genug danken.
Die idee des games ist weltklasse. Die umsetzung u. auch der umgang mit der community dagegen nicht mal bezirksliga!
Wie hier mit bugreports umgegangen wird zeigt einfach das wir alle hier nicht mehr als betatester unsere zeit beraubt werden. Und zeit ist das einzigste worüber jeder mensch nur begrenzt verfügt.

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Und genau das ist es was ich nicht versteh, solche Firmen leben schlussendlich von der Community.

Hätte ich vor zwei Jahren gewusst, welche Bugs da sind, wie oft Spielstände korrumpiert werden, oder einfach Bugs jahrelang unbeachtet werden, hätte ich mir vieles anders überlegt. Vor allem hätte ich mir nie die Mühe gemacht einen Server aufzuziehen.

Ich will ja echt nicht kleinlich sein, aber du spielst auf einem Privaten Server, damit hat FC nichts zutun.
Du musst dich eher an G-Portal wenden und dort erfragen ob es irgendwelche Probleme mit dem Server gab und deswegen vielleicht ein Auto Wipe zustande kam.
(Sollte das nicht der Fall sein, dann solltest du dich an Funcom wenden)
Funcom hat nämlich nichts mit den Server zutun, außer das ihr Spiel darüber läuft.

Kommen wir zu einer Frage, ist dies nur für diese Base der Fall oder für alles auf der Karte?

Und deine 1500+ sind nichts im Gegensatz zu den meisten Aktiven Forum Mitgliedern, alleine ich habe schon trotz Arbeit 7000+. :wink:
(Nicht böse gemeint)

Außerdem warum darüber aufregen, ihr spielt auf einem Privaten Server.
Wenn ihr die Safefiles noch habt (Safebankfiles) dann könnt ihr die Base wieder herstellen, allerdings mit dem Verlust des jetzigen Spielstandes.
wenn einer von euch Admin ist

Ist keiner von euch Admin, kann es auch sein das er/sie entschlossen hat euch einfach alles zu nehmen, wegen Ungebührliches Verhalten im Chat oder Sprachchat.

Und ich entschuldige mich für mein schlechtes Deutsch.

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Softwareentwicklung ist ähnlich wie Haus bauen: Wenn beim Fundament gepfuscht wurde, kannst du oben nur bedingt was draufbauen. Und mit Fundament meine ich nicht die Unreal Engine 4, sondern das, was Funcom initial für Conan entwickelt hat. Die haben es doch selbst zugegeben, Conan Exiles war ein Lernprojekt für die. Quasi als wenn du nen Azubi als Lernprojekt ein Haus bauen lässt und dann das Ding noch verkaufst!

Thought this forum was English

The forum is international; the convention for usually conversing in English is just a convenience. Many people learn English as a second language because most native English speakers don’t bother to learn anything else. I try to draw no conclusions from this.


I know that, we’re in the EU.

(I find it a little unrespectfull to typ in a language most of us does n’t understand on the forum, feels exclusive, but thats all I will ignore it next time sorry for mentioning it)

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I would like to ask you a question if you were to visit Holland.

Would you then learn Dutch for your visit or would we have to speak to you in English?

Because if we had to speak English it would be the same situation as here now.
And from my point of view I would consider this discriminatory if I forced you to speak Dutch even though you cannot.


I see your point, but I do n’t fully agree, I don’t think its worth discussing my opinion.
Cause this example feels not the same to me. No hard feelings :slight_smile:

(I’m from Holland btw I speak Dutch what a coincidence haha)


Oof ok. :joy::v:t4:


Most of us don’t live in Holland!
I’ve learned german for 9 years, but since I never had to use it only in schools, it kinda… faded away.
English is the commonly usd and most “accepted” language in such places. And I don’t really trust in google translator, because most of the time I miss the small details of a wall of text which could leave me completely misunderstanding whole conversations.
(Bojler eladó btw.)

It is an international forum. I saw a lot of posts in spanish, frensh and other. No one said anything about. This post is not different. The discussion about the language seems pointless.


I exactly know. I just said because it would be easier to help to the others if needed.
There was nothing serious or offensive in my post guys.

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