Dead after logging in

After logging into the server I was dead. The log says that I killed myself. It isn’t first time - it happened me again. It’s completely pointless and annoying - FC please disable sigils drop and fix it. I play on official server #6431 Isle of Siptah

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Was it a temperature-based death? What were you wearing & what construction were you in (T1 vs T3, Aquilonian vs Black Ice, etc)?

No, not temperature. I have Frost Giant’s set, in prvious cases Yamatai Warlords. My base is costructed in T3 stormglas and turanian.

Was your char on a bed when he died?

Ship happens. The fun of the unable worlds we try to live in.

Twice in bed, one in fiber bedroll

What i understan is that armor dont help when you log off, and you had egnuff food and wather?

Did you die when you loged on and was able to pick up the loot?

That is why I started to log out next to my bed, not on it… :unamused:

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The best is to alwayes log out in the nude, and and dedicated chest or even beather an cubard you put youre stuff in to and east grab when you log on agan and its no risk unless you are on a pvp server. Then it dosent mather id you die when loged off.

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I have died some times just when i log on, guess i spawn in a wall or somthing but the corps is ther so no loss if i had some on me.

Food and water was full and I picked up my gear. I just logged in and was dead. I’ve logged off many times at this locations and nothing happened except these few deaths.

Yes that have pappen some times 4 me to. spec if i log out on a spec plases, guess i spawn inside a wall or somthing.

b4 logging, we now put the food and berries in the cooler, because the decay rate is stupid high.

After dying on login twice, we now take our armor and lengy weapons in a box next to where we log off.

I lost two sets of 4 lengys I carry. Dont loss them any more

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A clanmember did spawn in a wall because the bed was too near to the wall, but he did not die. He just had to destroy the wall to be able to move again. Thus spawning in a wall should not be killing you.

This happens on Exiled Lands too
No clue why, I never have it but one of my clan almost always (different locations).

He plays a male character, not sure if that has to do something with it.

This happened to me several times too on Exiled lands and Siptah in the beginning. It seemed to stop after progressing somewhat.

How much shelter do you have in that location?

I just logged in to my character, once again dead, at the bedroll. there isn’t even a body to retrieve the things. I am inside my base, on the bed roll, was full with food and water before i logged off. This is ridiculous and i’m tired of having to keep making my amours and weapons and things all over again. it didn’t even say what i was killed by. i’m simply dead, and naked. This is frustrating

Not sure if it is turned on or not but maybe you are spawning under the mesh and that is killing you?

Maybe it has to do with logging off on a placeable. Did anyone try to log out on a table or other piece of furniture (e.g. chair)? And did that toon die on logging in?
Maybe the game has a problem with locating the toon properly if the toon is not on a building part or on the ground?
Just an idea…