Why is it that you die after log out in home

Log out using the proper way start scroll down exit game and ive died in my home/base lose stuff weather im careful or not i die im not the only one my server is official 2728

If you think this is a bug, please report it on the appropriate bug subforums :wink:
You are not supposed to die like that unless you pulled off your bracelet by accident.

You could try searching the forums for the issue.

That’s pretty much what I was thinking. He’s on a PvP server and people are killing him while he’s “asleep”, either to rob him or just to be jerks or both.

Even if he’s on a PvE server, stuff could be spawning/wandering in nearby (or drawn there deliberately by said jerks). I logged in one day to find a rhinoceros in my bedroom. Made a real mess of everything.

Had a look at it seams to be a xbox pve server. The weather could be affecting you. Other then that make sure none of your thralls are have fire or gas orbs as they can kill you

Also there has been or still is a risk - I am not certain - that upon falling unconscious the toon instead dies. I already reported that, but I guess it didnt make it to the devs. Well. So much for trying. :rofl:
And by the way: Toons fall unconscious twice per day. Once when logging out, second when the server starts up again after it’s restart.
My clanmates had this happen rarely to them. Basically everyone logged off in the same room with similar armor at mild climate, and some just died.
I once even saw this happen myself, when we were running around and the clanmate crashed. In the instant that toon would have fallen unconscious, it instead literally fell apart. … And I had to crawl back completely overencumbered. :fearful:

Is this by chance in a very hot (Volcano) or cold (ice lake etc) area?

As a precautionary measure, you should always have a chest designated to hold your stuff when you’re offline. There have been numerous reaons this happens since the game launched. The best way to deal with it is to expect it will happen and plan around it.


I want a vampire coffin to hold my body :smiley:

I already died of hunger or thirst when the meter was red, since then I always eat and drink before logging out, never died again at home.

What is important is that you should not be hot or cold when youlog out wihtout equipment in your hands.
It seems that perks don’t apply when you are offline, so no ticking health regain and no reduction of temperature effects. So if you are hot and log out, you become very hot, if you are very hot or very cold you become extremely hot or cold and your health regain perk stops working, so you die in x seconds where x is your current health.

Exactly. Which is a bug, and I’m kinda assuming it’s still in effect - I sure tend to die when I log off at my Volcano base (but I always log off naked for exactly this reason so it’s NBD).

I built a cold room in my volcano base, built a T2 3x4x2 room with a wall glow stick on every panel and a standing glow stick on every foundation with a bed and a dancer in the middle. I’m safe to log out in heat resist armor, even if it isn’t epic flawless.

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Fair enough. It’s never been worth the effort for me to test it, or at least not recently - getting naked is so much easier :sweat_smile:

Considering the gear I lost because I went afk for 20 mins or the game crashed… well… yeah… now I’m turning my whole base into a cold room.

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