Why does this happen

I logged out in my shelter, safe, when I logged back in 6 hours later I had lost all my armour and inventory. How do I find out what happened, is it a glitch or crash? Is my stuff retrievable?

You may have died off high/low temperature. Happens to me every now and then when im reckless. Good advice is to put your armor and gear in a box before logging. As for youre case, you can check the eventlog to what happend.

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Thanks, I checked the event log. I have pictures but I can’t post them. I was logged out for about 5 hours, then the server shut down/started. After the server started the next entry says died of temperature changes. Ain’t that some stuff…

temperature is definitely a factor in survival.

I recommend using the proper building type for the area.
Place everything in a chest before logging out, (sleep naked)

Leave the character in a part of the base with the most constant temperature.

I put my bed in that spot and log out with the character on the bed.

I live in the north so I have hearths and I use black ice or insulated wood.
(there are dlc mats suitable for cold, but I don’t have them so I’m limited to black ice or insulated wood.)

For sure, building to temp makes sense. I guess my issue is, why didn’t I die in the 5 hours before the server restart? But instead die immediately after?

I will be rebuilding with insulated this time and storing items just to be safe.

2019.12.28-6.21.25 (my name)(my tribe) died because of temperature changes
2019.12.28-6.13.33 server started
2019.12.28-6.10.29 server shutdown

I would assume when data went back and forth, it calculated the area, and you roasted/froze to death.

Had this few times myself, I just made a little safe room in my house with spare walls, so i can lock myself in pillar room with my bed roll and a chest.

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Also consider perks from attributes that my turn off after a server restart.

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